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Set Your Medical Preferences with Instagram Marketing Agency in Egypt

Advertising on Facebook or Instagram is one of the best options to boost your marketing campaign. You will be able to make your healthcare setup known to people who do not know you yet but are potentially interested because they live near you or have shown interest in your field of activity. Medical Instagram marketing agency Egypt can help you stay afloat in your business. In this article, we tell you the basics you need to know before you start, such as:

  • The link between the Facebook and Instagram platforms
  • The fundamental differences between a quick boost of an existing post
  • Advanced advertising via the Ads Manager
  • Furthermore, the budget to plan and the time to allocate

Know More About Medical Instagram Marketing Agency Egypt

You will know everything you need to know! Are you already convinced? Directly contact the healthcare marketing experts to create your first ad on Facebook. If you already know a little about the advertising platform, you can seek their help to improve its advertisements’ effectiveness

Facebook, Instagram, or both?

Since its acquisition in 2012 by Facebook, Instagram has belonged to the social network of Mark Zuckerberg. A detail for ordinary users, but a real opportunity for people who want to advertise on these social platforms. Indeed, the ad manager is common between Facebook and Instagram. Concretely, you can therefore create:

  • The same advertisement that is available on both networks
  • An audience of people to target and let the algorithm find those people on the network
  • The difference in advertisements format for Facebook and Instagram

The audiences of Facebook and Instagram users are very opposite. Medical Instagram marketing agency Egypt advises you to create advertisements on both networks, even if you do not use one of these two platforms or only a little for your organic publications. Once your promotions go live, there will always be time to analyze which placement(s) you obtain the most results and adapt the budget accordingly.

Quick Boost Or Ad Manager

If you’re the one managing Facebook posts for your project or company, you couldn’t have missed it: the famous blue [Boost post] button appears under each of your posts! Facebook’s stated objective is to encourage you to sponsor this post quickly. In other words, it is better to pay, so the publication reaches a broader audience. It avoids users who have already seen it and even beyond your current subscribers.

  • Advantages of the rapid boost: rapidity and extreme simplicity!
  • Very easily accessible for all beginners, even if you don’t know anything about marketing.
  • Disadvantages of Quick Boost: Limited functionality.

You better consult medical Instagram marketing agency Egypt for a perfect marketing solution.

Ads Facebook Instagram Features

Although offering more and more configuration options, this simplified functionality is very far from the possibilities provided by the “real” Facebook advertising manager: It highlights only existing publications already published on its page. In contrast, the complete advertising manager allows you to create ads without publishing them on the page, sometimes called “dark posts”.

Therefore, it is impossible to test several different messages to check which one works best (what is called A/B Testing: test between an option A and an option B), the same for the associated visuals or other options. It has a less comprehensive goal and targeting functionality. It is impossible to target people who have visited your healthcare website without having already booked an appointment or creating audiences similar to your customers or contributors.

Benefits of Medical Instagram Marketing Agency Egypt

In our article dedicated to the first steps with Facebook ads, it is therefore in the complete ads manager that we will guide you. Thus, we will be able to make the most of this powerful advertising tool which can give you a real advantage in your marketing and promotion. It is better to set an advertising budget to promote a medical cause whose objective is to create awareness.

In reality, it’s pretty logical: if no one around you knows about your campaign, it will never take off. So, just as a campaign requires time and energy to communicate, you must devote a little money to the same objective. Posters or flyers can be useful communication media, and online advertising – on Facebook and Instagram in particular – are other relevant media.

Cost and Risk Under Control

Advertising on social networks has an incomparable advantage over “offline” advertising campaigns (posters, press, etc.). Everything is calculated and accounted for in the tracking of results! Dozens of criteria give you exact statistics on the effectiveness of your campaign and each of your advertisements. Medical Instagram marketing agency Egypt can assist you in this regard. It provides the following insights such as:

  • The amount spent to bring you clicks, views of your page, or even contributions
  • The demographic target, i.e., gender and age
  • The network (Facebook or Instagram)
  • Type of placement (news feed, story, etc.).

Enough to evaluate the effectiveness of your advertisements and adjust them regularly according to the results you obtain.

Advantages Of Consulting Medical Instagram Marketing Agency

On Facebook/Instagram, the minimum spend is $1 per day. So there is virtually no floor price, and you can get your first concrete results by spending very less. Of course, don’t expect to receive $1,000 in contributions with just $10 in ad spend. But you will see that it is unnecessary to have a big budget to start attracting people and getting people talking about you. Is there an ideal and precise budget to boost your crowdfunding campaign with Facebook ads? Of course not. It depends in particular on your objectives and the audience you are targeting:

Depending On Your Objectives

An individual who plans to start will not have the same budget or objectives as a healthcare business already in operation. A micro-entrepreneur will see things differently from an SME.

Depending On Your Target

Facebook operates through an auction system. The more its customers, the more the bids will increase, and therefore the more these people will be “expensive” to reach a given moment.

All the companies that advertise target the same group of people, so you better consult Medical Instagram marketing agency Egypt for the greater good.

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