Software Development Trends in 2022: Keep Your Skills Sharp!

By 2022, there are going to be major changes in the software development industry. With that in mind, it’s essential that current developers know what to expect and how to stay on top of trends so they can remain competitive in the marketplace. This article provides an overview of the key software development trends that will affect how developers perform their jobs over the next several years, including big data, advanced analytics, machine learning, and more. We’ll also look at ways you can keep your skills sharp as these trends continue to develop and how you can apply them successfully at your job!

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence is developing quickly, and it will take over most of our software development jobs by 2022. Software developers who aren’t actively learning new skills will likely be laid off during that time as well. It’s also important to hire a custom software development company to keep your systems up-to-date, so you can use them with AI. Hiring custom software development services means you have experts on hand who can help you with any future developments in AI or other advancements in technology.

Robotics Process Automation (RPA)

Robots, or software applications that do work traditionally done by humans, are becoming a much bigger part of business operations. RPA is a type of robotic process automation that involves using software to programmatically complete tasks. The system is supervised, meaning it will stop if certain criteria aren’t met. According to IDC, RPA will replace more than 12 percent of IT workers’ tasks by 2020; however, other industry estimates put that number closer to 30 percent by 2025. Regardless of whether those numbers are accurate or not, one thing is clear: It’s an area worth keeping your skills sharp in—and well worth hiring software developers who have experience with robotics process automation and artificial intelligence.

Business Intelligence Systems (BI)

As artificial intelligence and machine learning become more powerful, it will become increasingly common for businesses to hire software developers to build custom BI systems that help companies analyze their data. According to a recent survey by TechTarget and Rightpoint, only about a third of companies currently use BI or plan to do so. That means there is an opportunity for software developers who understand how business intelligence works—and especially those who can design new systems that leverage these cutting-edge technologies. In 2022, expect to see open jobs related to analytics and AI jump by 50 percent or more. The good news is there are resources available today that can help you learn what you need in order to keep your skills sharp as new developments occur.

Cloud Deployment Models

Right now, data is being generated at an unprecedented rate and it’s up to data scientists, software developers, and entrepreneurs to find ways to make sense of all that information. As more businesses invest in new technologies, solutions for finding insights within larger datasets will become increasingly important. Thanks to these innovations, big data has already become a part of everyday life; by 2022 it’ll be even more commonplace—and worth double what it is today. If you’re looking for your next big opportunity, keep your skills sharp when it comes to analyzing large sets of unstructured data with visualization tools like Tableau Public or DataHero.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT will be an inevitability by 2022, meaning developers need to learn how to create custom software that works with IoT-related hardware. To continue providing customer service and adding features to their products, businesses will want their developers to hire custom software development companies for IoT projects. Companies should consult with a specialized company for expertise when creating unique software solutions that work within your existing infrastructure—and get them involved from start rather than simply handing off an engineering problem at the end of a project. Hiring custom software development companies means you’ll save money in both maintenance and downtime associated with buggy programming. Plus, having third-party support means you’ll have more developer headroom for actual new projects.

Data Discovery & Visualization

This is a big trend as developers discover new ways to present data. There will be more use of real-time streaming information and less focus on static business dashboards. Web-based reporting tools will emerge as an even bigger trend, and companies will be making strides towards building enterprise applications with cloud services rather than internally or with custom technology. New techniques and technologies such as HTML5, Google Maps, video playback and advanced graphing capabilities will come online for businesses to use. As a result, hiring software developers that are familiar with these new trends could help your company keep ahead of its competition.


In 2022, software development will continue to be an exciting field with endless opportunities. The workforce will continue to grow and you’ll need more developers. If you’re an aspiring coder, be sure you are keeping up-to-date on all of today’s latest technologies and trends. Additionally, use your networking skills to build relationships that, will help get your foot in the door with some of today’s most successful software companies. To stay ahead of tomorrow’s technological advancements requires a commitment to continual learning; don’t let yourself fall behind! In conclusion…

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