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Tater Tots Casserole Recipe | Homemade Recipe

Tater Tots

Tater Tots are one of the most favorite snacks of people around the globe.

A person likes to have their favorite dish at frequent times.

Because they love the taste, same aroma, same ingredients, and same taste. After again and again eating, sometimes they get irritated by eating that specific dish in the same style. The reason is not that they started disliking the dish. But they want variety in it.  Tater tot is a favorite dish across the world.

It is not limited to America but also on other continents. The specialty of the dish is the quality of potatoes used. The tenderness and crunchiness make the dish super tasty. Kids and parents both like to have it.

Kids like them because it doesn’t have extra vegetables that will irritate them while they eat. The smoothness of mushy potatoes will make them eat them quickly. They would eagerly wait for their mums to cook this for them. Mums will be happy as they will be cooking a healthy nutritious dish for children. They also add cheese to the dish. It will make it gooey and kids would enjoy the shredded melted cheese.

Children sometimes undergo cranky moods that are difficult for parents to handle. They stop eating healthier eatables and shift to junk food or reduce the number of meals. This dish is going to reduce your frustration. If your kid doesn’t like to eat green vegetables or others like tomatoes, cauliflower, etc.

Feed them potatoes made food. This one vegetable will never be disliked by them. Even if they don’t like eating, they won’t ever say no to this dish. Elders take this dish as a side dish with the main dish. And kids have them as one of their meals.

The specialty of the dish

They are made into some say rectangular or cubes shape. People also think they have the shape of cylinders. The upper coating is crispy just like bread crumbs coating after they are fried. They have thick sizes because of the material people fill in them as stuffing. That can be potatoes with other vegetables, plain potatoes, or potatoes with cheese.

The recipe is so simple that it won’t take greater than 15 minutes in the kitchen. If you don’t like spiciness then don’t add black pepper. Also, you don’t have to purchase a mold or shaper for the shape of the dish. Make any shape you want, you don’t need a proper shape. Use your greased hands for shaping them untidily.

Recipe for tater tots casseroles


  • Homemade or packet tater tots 500 grams
  • Salt
  • pepper powder if you want a teaspoon
  • Cheddar cheese 1 or 2 whole packets
  • Beef half a pound
  • Mushroom soup cream half a cup


  1. Put the beef in a pot and cook it until the rawness of the beef vanishes.
  2. After that, add salt with pepper and mix it with beef
  3. Add mushroom soup cream to the beef and keep on cooking the beef
  4. After the cooking, pour the cooked beef onto a tray
  5. Then, place the tater tots on them
  6. Afterward, put lots of shredded cheese over them
  7. Now, you should bake the dish
  8. Remove the dish when the color will be golden

Serving the dish with

Generally, people don’t add vegetables in the dish. Only some add chopped pieces of onions for better taste. You can have a vegetable salad to balance out the combination of cheese. Also, you can eat it with bread rolls or slices.  You won’t need to put ketchup on the dish. As cheese is sweeter and it doesn’t go with a tangy tomato. So the best option is not to add any kind of dips or sauces to this dish. So that it will enhance the actual flavor of the ingredient properly.

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