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Telescopic Magnetic Pick Up Tool Will Thing Of The Past And Here’s Why

Telescopic Magnetic Pick Up Tool

Telescopic Magnetic Pick-Up Tool is a durable and lightweight device that comes with a magnetic head for picking up metal parts. Its handle extends up to 43 inches, which is ideal for working both indoors and outdoors. The lightweight aluminum design makes it easy to transport and maneuver. And, since the device is magnetic, it can pick up parts to 2 lbs. Making it the perfect tool for a wide variety of applications.

Power built 8lb telescopic magnetic pickup tool

The Power-built 8lb Telescopic Magnetic Pick up Tool is ideal for recovering items, including keys, purses, and more. This versatile tool telescopes up to 25 inches and can grasp 8 pounds of items. The telescopic head provides easy retrieval and features a comfortable grip handle that’s easily accessible. This pick-up tool meets or exceeds applicable ANSI standards and offers a lifetime warranty.

This powerful tool comes with a shielded magnetic head that prevents it from attaching to anything but the target it’s trying to pick. The magnetic head also features molded finger holds and a built-in LED, so you know if it’s picking up the right object. With its 8-lb weight capacity, this pick-up tool can save your marriage! It is available in different sizes, ranging from eight lbs to 32 inches.

This telescopic tool is easy to carry around with its compact size. They can manually extended to 25 inches for an increased range of motion. Its shielded sides prevent it from damaging other objects. And the LED light makes it easy to see even in low lighting. This tool is designed to retrieve small items that have been dropped. This tool comes with an instruction manual and a lifetime warranty.

Ullman Hi-Tech Telescopic Magnetic Pick-Up Tool

Firstly, the Ullman Hi-Tech Telescopic Metallic Pick-Up Tool is designed to be a pocket-friendly, lightweight tool with an overall length of seven-and-a-half inches (178mm). Secondly, its magnetic pick-up is made from a powerful Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnet. Finally, this tool has a stainless-steel telescoping handle, and a handy pocket clip to keep it handy.

They designed with a power cap to shield the magnet from metal surfaces and increase its magnetic power. This magnetic pick-up tool measures 6 5/8 inches in length and is designed to lift materials up to two and a half pounds. It is adjustable to 33 1/4 inches, and it can be used to lift to two and a half pounds of materials. The neodymium iron boron magnet is strong enough to lift a 2 1/2-pound metal object, and it can extend as far as 33 1/4 inches.

Firstly, this Magnetic Pick-Up Tool from Ullman is ideal for lifting objects and can reach places where other pick-up tools cannot. Secondly, It has a powerful Neodymium magnet that lifts to two pounds. This is a good choice for retrieving metal objects that have fallen in hard-to-reach places. Finally, its pocket clip keeps the magnet secure in a top pocket, so you can easily grab and use it without having to look around for it.

Ullman Telescopic Hi-Tech Magnetic Pick-Up Tool

The ULHT-2 Magnetic Pick-Up with POWERCAP features an overall length of seven-and-a-half inches (178mm) and a diameter of 33-3/4″ (857mm). Its POWERCAP protects the magnet from unwanted metal surfaces, increasing its magnetic power. However, this model features a powerful Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnet and a stainless steel telescoping handle. A pocket clip makes this tool easy to carry around.

This Telescopic Magnetic Pick up Tool has a power cap to shield the magnet from unwanted metal surfaces, which increases its magnetic strength. The Ullman Megami(r) Hi-Tech Magnetic Pick-Up Tool measures seven inches long and can extend up to 33 3/4 inches. After that, they is constructed of a neodymium iron boron magnet that is rated for five pounds of weight.

In conclusion Designed for use with a variety of materials. The HT-5GR telescopes from five and a half inches to twenty-five inches. Its magnetic end can lift up to two pounds of objects. This tool features a POWERCAP, which increases the direct pick-up force by 45 percent. It also features a convenient pocket clip and two Velcro strips for mounting it to a wall or ceiling.

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