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The best home insurance companies

Possessing a house is an accomplishment and a resource that should be secured. The best home insurance suppliers offer monetary strength, inclusion choices, and great client assistance. They are additionally astoundingly evaluated for your extraordinary conditions. Utilize our statement instrument to think about the paces of different suppliers and track down which one offers you the best inclusion at the best cost.

The 8 best home insurance companies

  • Allstate — Best for New Home Buyers
  • Amica — Best Customer Service
  • State Farm — More Personalized Online Quote
  • Nationwide — Best Replacement Coverage
  • The Hartford — Best for Green Homes
  • Liberty Mutual — Best for Inflation Protection
  • Progressive — Better for Boat Owners
  • USAA — Best for military members and their families

Why we choose it

Variety of online tools

When it comes to educating prospective buyers on the intricacies of home insurance policy , Allstate stands out. Allstate’s website contains a library of best-in-class resources, from articles and videos to quizzes and infographics. Particularly impressive is the Common and Expensive Claims tool that allows shoppers to enter their zip code to see the most common claims in their region, along with the average dollar amount for those claims.

There’s also a stunningly realistic GoodHome home report that plays a Google Street View video of your home (or prospective home) listing potential hazards, and provides local hazard data, as well as prevention tips. Tools like this make it easy to understand coverage areas and options you may want to add or supplement to your policy, due to geographic or neighborhood risk.

Broad endorsements

Allstate has the second most additional approval options of all our contenders. Those extra endorsements are low-risk: insurance for expensive sports equipment, musical instruments, or landscaping. Notably, there are no additional coverage options for earthquakes and theft of other property (vehicles, trailers, boats), but the options it does offer can be valuable if you have expensive hobbies or are spending a lot of money renovating your home.

The most discounts

Allstate also offers the most discounts of any company on our list – 11 discounts in all. These include standard discounts, like having fire alarms, fire extinguishers or security locks, as well as one-off offers, like one to sign up before your current policy expires. First time Allstate customer? You will get another price bar for the first two years with the company.

Points to consider

Average customer service

Among our favorite insurers, Allstate had the lowest customer service scores: three out of five from J.D. Power and 80 out of 100 from Consumer Reports. While these scores weigh you down compared to customer service powerhouses like Amica, it’s important to put in context that their customer service has been rated superior in this field. Homeowners insurance is so far ahead of other service industries, like Internet service providers, that even a mid-range Allstate ranker doesn’t leave much to be desired. When we tried their customer service, Allstate politely answered all of our questions and allowed us to end the call without having to provide our social security number.

Amica Homeowners Insurance — Best Customer Service

Why we choose it

Exceptional customer service

Amica consistently ranks among the top home operators ranked by J.D. Power and Consumer Reports, due to its customers’ high satisfaction with the process of major claims, such as settlements, estimates, and repairs. This is possibly the most essential element of good customer service in the industry. Amica was the only one of our top suppliers to receive five out of five in each category from J.D. Power. Amica also received a Consumer Reports reader score of 94, two points better than USAA, the gold standard in insurance. None of our other finalists were that close. With excellent scores across the board, you can expect timely and helpful interactions with Amica representatives.

Hefty discounts

Amica offers nearly as many discounts as Allstate, with exclusive discounts for being a long-time customer and opting into electronic bill payment. Essentially, by doing less (mailing bills and switching providers), you’ll save money with Amica. However, Amica falls a bit short on discounts for new and renovated homes – you’ll want to turn to Allstate for discounts on these prices.

Dividends offer cash back

As a mutual company, Amica is owned by policyholders rather than investors or shareholders. This means that, as a policyholder, you could receive a dividend at the end of the term worth between 5% and 20% of your annual premium (depending on the financial success of Amica during that period and the company’s income). after claims and expenses). However, dividend payments are not guaranteed. And if you select a policy that provides them, you’ll have slightly higher premiums.


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