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The Mythical 25th Island of Greece

Beautiful Island of Greece

The 25th Island of Greece is the mythical Amorgos. This island is the capital of Rhodes, a popular honeymoon destination. The island’s name is based on a legend about soul contact. Interestingly, the mythical bad guy of the island had a similar name. In addition to its name, it is the easternmost of the Cyclades. So, if you’re looking for an island for your next vacation, Amorgos is worth a visit.

Amorgos is a 2000-person Cyclade

Amorgos is the easternmost island of the Cyclades and is situated near the Dodecanese island group. Its proximity to the larger Dodecanese island of Naxos means it’s an ideal stopover for passengers wishing to cross over to another Cyclade island. The Cyclades are a group of islands located off the northwest coast of Greece.

It is The Capital of Rhodes

The city of Rhodes has a strong link to the island. In medieval times, Rhodes was an important trading center and the crossroads between the Roman Empire and the Byzantine Empire. During the early years of the divided Roman Empire, the city was invaded by the Isaurians, a mountain tribe from Cilicia. The city was completely destroyed in a powder magazine explosion in 1856. The city was later ruled by the Italians, which made it the administrative center for the Dodecanese islands. The Germans also destroyed some of the historic structures and caused damage to the city.

It is a Popular Honeymoon Destination

The scenic, 35-km-long 25th Island of Greece is a popular destination for honeymooners. With a mild climate all year long, 25th Island is a popular choice for those seeking relaxation and rejuvenation. Couples can enjoy the island’s natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere, while exploring its historical sites. A visit to 25th Island will leave them with a refreshed mind and soul.

It is The Easternmost of the Cyclades

The twenty-fifth island in the Cyclades is Lesbos. Its name comes from the ancient Greek word sus, which means uncertainly. It is possible that the name is related to the lack of people on the island. Or it could be related to its location in the Aegean Sea. Because there are very few people on the island, ships sailing in calm waters couldn’t be certain of their whereabouts and would run into the island by chance. The island is only home to about 80 residents. The island has only one spring. Also-Read.

It is Known For its Honey

The 25th Island of Greece is famous for its honey. Honey production is the main source of income for the locals on the island. Visitors can try honey-based sweets and drink bee water, which is derived from the hives. History of the 25th Island of Greece shows that it was inhabited since prehistoric times, and it is home to a prehistoric temple that was destroyed by the sea. The area also has numerous monasteries and archaeological sites.

It is One of Greece’s Most Popular Islands

Lesbos is the 25th Island of the Greek archipelago. This island was inhabited as far back as the prehistoric times. Its name comes from a famous Greek king named Nisos, whose name means ‘weeping’, as it was named after his son’s death. Although it is small, it is an excellent place to relax and enjoy a picnic.

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