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The Top 3 Beauty Bloggers Over 50 & Tips to Become One

Beauty Bloggers

Beauty bloggers are experts in hair, skincare, makeup, and fashion. They don’t keep it to themselves; they share their knowledge with the rest of the world via personal blogs and websites. There are numerous beauty bloggers on the internet, but have you noticed that there are also beauty bloggers over 50 years of age?

Beauty bloggers produce many content blogs about makeup, skincare products, hairstyles, outfits, and anything else related to “beauty.” They photograph hair and makeup, so knowledge of lighting and photography is required. They also create videos that show their readers how to create their looks. It’s a lot of work, but it’s done by deeply invested people in the beauty industry.

In addition to blogging, beauty bloggers maintain an active presence on social media. They share interesting photos on Instagram and Facebook. They frequently tweet and have YouTube channels.

Bloggers give us their entire selves, which we should appreciate. Not all of us dare to lay it all out in front of the world to help others — or even ourselves. Beauty bloggers offer advice to us about current trends, makeup tutorials, skincare etc. If you have an idea or knowledge, there is probably a blog about it.

Here are some top beauty bloggers over 50

Hot and FlashyAngie, a beauty blogger known as “Hot and Flashy”, is a YouTuber in her late 50s who uses her channel to enlighten mature women on maximising and preserving their beauty. In 2012, Angie launched her YouTube channel. Her channel had over 133M views as of 2022, and she had nearly 1M subscribers. She publishes a couple of videos per week, with an average of 100,000 views per istanbul escort video.

She posts tutorials, hauls, makeup and skincare guides, lookbooks, reviews, and tips and tricks on her YouTube channel. Many people are drawn to her account because of her transparency and knowledge. She’s also talked openly and honestly about the ageing process, including procedures she’s had done over the years through YouTube.

Hot and Flashy lures to women of all ages because Angie has a welcoming presence that makes it painless to sit back and learn whatever wisdom she chooses to share. Her videos are also a good mix of personal conversations with her viewers and more simple guides and tutorials.

  • Beauty 101 by Lisa

Lisa Maynard, a beauty blogger, created “Beauty 101 by Lisa” in 2013 when she was in her 40s, but now, she is in her early 50s. Since then, her YouTube channel has gained nearly 200,000 subscribers and more than 19M views. Beauty 101 by Lisa’s most popular video has 2M views. Maynard’s youthful spirit and sincerity may reason viewers feel drawn to her. Plus, Beauty 101 by Lisa’s content contains tutorials, beauty advice, guides, tips and tricks, and some life updates.

She also discusses dating after 50, health and fitness challenges, and Q&A segments. She usually posts at least one video per week, but she is known to post multiple videos in a single week. Beauty 101 by Lisa is also a good beauty YouTube channel run by someone over 50 because it demonstrates that age does not define a person’s spirit, lifestyle, personality, or life journey.

  • Beauty by Sweet Angel

Another beauty blogger named Angel Dobbins is the owner of the “Beauty by Sweet Angel” YouTube channel. It has over 384,000 subscribers and more than 3.6M views on her most popular YouTube video. She is a musician who sings and plays the saxophone, but she frequently uploads videos despite her busy performing schedule.

She also has another more personal YouTube channel to post vlogs and details about her family life. Angel Dobbins is all about products for a greener beauty routine, and Beauty by Sweet Angel has various content, including natural skin and health routines. Her videos also contain guides, hauls, and reviews. Beauty by Sweet Angel is a very informative YouTuber who combines her expertise with a down-to-earth tone that makes her viewers feel like they are one of her friends.

Dobbins’ YouTube channel is also intended for a broad audience, not just those over 50. She also identifies as a plus-size woman, frequently providing plus-size fashion advice. Beauty by Sweet Angel debuted in 2014 and has since amassed over 21 million views, so be sure to follow her page for consistent and innovative beauty content.

Tips to Become a Beauty Blogger

Unique Selling Proposition – Everything requires a unique selling proposition (USP) to sell. Find your niche and understand what makes you unique. You can look at broad topics such as makeup, skincare, personal grooming, Hair Styling, etc.

Target Audience – You must identify and concentrate on a specific group of people. Your target audience will determine the products/regimes you recommend as a beauty blogger. It will determine the language, tone, and type of content.

Commitment – Composing, analysing, and publicising ideas necessitates a significant investment of time and effort. To make your posts unique, you must be highly creative and make your content stand out. You may not be able to go full-time right away, but you must make time for blogging.

Professional Skills – Creating one-of-a-kind and trustworthy beauty tips and content is required. Bloggers enrol in certificate courses to learn skills that they can use and create expert content for their online followers.

Networking – Expanding your reader or follower base necessitates serious self-promotion. Engage in social media platforms, fellow professionals in your industry, participate in conversations and expand your digital footprint. Blogger meetups and events are also excellent places to network.

Tech-savvy – To blog, you must understand the fundamentals of blogging platforms such as WordPress,, and others. A domain is also required for blogging to make your work appear more professional.


Many great beauty bloggers over 50 are there, so don’t be afraid to experiment to find a favourite. These are just a few beauty bloggers who provide a variety of perspectives on ageing and beauty. Moreover, if you want to be a beauty blogger, follow the tips mentioned above and learn about the latest techniques and trends to provide the best quality information to your readers.


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