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Tips to Boost Signal Strength in Every Corner of Office

Is your office internet connectivity also facing random dead spots leading to delayed texts or poor voice calls? 

Reliable network connectivity is essential in this fast-paced and business-driven world. The weak signals are simply unacceptable in the workplace. Many businesses have to deal with a slow network. As a result, files take time to load or transfer, cloud applications do not work with optimal speed, and dropped calls become common. Also, it hinders productivity as completing the tasks takes more time than usual. 

All this implies the network upgrade in the office building is the key. The workforce needs to communicate across multiple departments and with clients. Strong signal strength here breaks down any communication barriers and allows better interaction in the office space. All of this is possible to accomplish when you are able to locate the dead spots in the office. In addition, the right solution like a mobile phone booster or DAS antenna is installed that assures the best performance possible.  

Read on to discover what are the reasons behind random cold spots in the office and tips to boost the signal strength of the solution installed. 

Reasons Why Your Office Space Has Dead Spots


Wi-Fi signals usually fail to cross through the buildings made up of thick and signal-blocking materials. It includes concrete, metal, and glass. For example, your office setup is on multiple floors and there is one single Wi-Fi solution installed for all. It is more likely that signals may fail to travel from one floor to another. Especially, if the space is designed with signal-blocking material. 

Also, furniture installed can be the reason for some office spots failing to achieve a quality internet connection. As a result, employees get frustrated, and this hinders their productivity. 

Router Distance

With increased distance, Wi-Fi signals weaken. If your office have routers, there are chances that the signals are broadcasted at a low power level. The reason is they ensure there is not much interference. This problem can be solved by adding a mobile phone booster and additional routers to the office building. However, when you have cold spots in place, assessing where these are and placing the solutions nearby is the solution. 


The likelihood that Wi-Fi is interfering with each other increases if you discover a dead zone directly next to the wall connecting to the adjacent workplace. Other devices might also be causing interference. For instance, security systems may be to blame, and cordless phones occasionally obstruct router or Wi-Fi bandwidth. Most often, data packet loss happens. This causes the network to substantially slow down or completely disconnect.

So, these are some reasons that develop cold spots in the office space, preventing signal transmission. Now, how will you deal with such zones? Luckily, below are the tips that can help overcome the signal strength issues in your office building. 

How to Boost Signal Strength in Your Office

Change Router Placement

Adjusting the router provided by the internet service provider comes as the first ideal tip that can make a big difference. According to the reasons, signals struggle to pass through signal-blocking walls. Even other devices like microwaves slow down Wi-Fi. Hence, understanding where the signal strength lowers and placing the router there can help eliminate dead spots.  

In addition, ensure you choose the spot that is not enclosed by walls, and the best suggestion is to mount the router on the ceiling. This way, the Wi-Fi signals will be spread downwards. The reason is the elevated position will help improve the coverage. 

Many manufacturers provide routers for offices with additional DAS antenna to deal with complex Wi-Fi hassles. 

Enable Guest Networks

Do you regularly have visitors to your office but don’t want to disclose your main Wi-Fi password? The solution might be to enable a guest network on the router with a unique password. Just give the network a name and specify the maximum number of users who can connect at once. It will prevent disruption of any office processes. Additionally, the majority of routers include the ability to restrict or delete a connection if you find that there are any issues with the bandwidth.

Invest in a Mobile Phone Signal Booster

Installing a cell phone signal booster or repeater in an office setting can do more than just improve signal strength. It powers up the workforce’s productivity and efficiency. Of course, clear communication eliminates all the communication barriers. The employees can better interact and perform tasks with ease. Also, it cuts down any possibilities of miscommunication. Thus, resulting in productivity interferences and work errors. 

The working of cellular signal boosters depends on three main components. These are an indoor antenna, an external antenna, and an amplifier. These altogether function to improve the weak signal spot in the office facility. The devices will pick the amplified signal. As a result, call quality and internet speed will improve as per the expectations. It will boost productivity and boost employee morale. Further, there will be less concern about poor signal or data speed in the future. 

Firmware Update Can be Useful

Better wireless connectivity assurance depends on latest office infrastructure. Here, it comes to auditing the network and seeing if the firmware is up-to-date or not. 

Firmware is the software that is necessary for the router to function efficiently. It plays a significant role in speeding up the hardware. Manufacturers release vital updates aimed at enhancing connection, security, and usefulness. In this case, keeping the firmware updated implies that the wireless network’s performance, particularly in the dead zones, increases. Additionally, it can fix the problems that lead to network drops in specific offices.


Business efficacy and operational performance depend on high-performing, strong, and efficient network coverage. After all, the devices upgrade, the apps change, and the demands of consumers vary. Hence, better efficiency of employees in performing the tasks depends on increased internet connectivity. So, follow all these simple tips to improve your wireless network and, as a result, increase productivity. It is also vital to diagnose the reasons behind network slowdowns, create the network setting accordingly and install the best connectivity performance solutions. So that both the network and business do not fall behind

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