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TMT Bars and TOR Steel Bars: Which One is Better?

Almost every structure we see is constructed of steel, and steel has played a major role in all of our lives. Be it the house we live in, the office we work at, or the bridge we cross, steel has been a part of all of these since its inception. There are many different kinds of steel available on the market, and selecting the best steel for our needs is vital because it can have a significant impact and influence the durability of your structure.

TMT  Steel bars, also known as Thermo Mechanical Treatment bars, are high-strength reinforcement bars that are mainly used in construction. They offer a lot of unique qualities, including malleability, heat resistance, anti-corrosiveness, earthquake resistance, and more, which have made them quite popular. There are several grades of steel bar available for TMT Steel bar, such as Fe 415, Fe 500, Fe 550D, and Fe 600, where the grade number determines the quality of the steel product. Steel bar grades are another factor that consumers take into account when deciding on the right one.

TOR bars (Toristeg Steel Corporation of Luxembourg), on the other hand, are a type of HYSD bar. TOR bars are technically referred to as (CTD) steel, which stands for cold-twisted deformed steel. In this, after a mandatory heat treatment process, the steel is cold twisted and deformed.

The kind of steel to be used is determined by a variety of factors, including geographical and environmental ones. TOR bars were popular in the 1990s until TMT bars took over the market due to their unique properties. Take a look at the major differences between TMT bars and TOR bars.


TMT bars and TOR bars are two types of steel bars that have the strength needed for construction. TMT bars are well known for producing great strength and are frequently utilized for construction purposes. When compared to TOR bars, TMT bars offer higher tensile strength because the outer core of the TMT bars is toughened by passing hot steel billets through cold water jets. 

TOR steel uses 20% more steel than TMT bars for the same construction, making it more cost-effective. In the end, TMT bars excelled in strength and were widely regarded as the best option.


TMT bars are also in high demand in the market due to their high durability. Corrosion is prevented from forming during the water-cooling phase of the bar, resulting in much more durable bars. Because of their anti-corrosion properties, TMT bars can be exposed to water without deterioration. This makes them a great choice in regions with higher humidity. Unlike TMT bars, which have high corrosion resistance, TOR bars lack anti-corrosion properties, making them far more susceptible to rust. This extends the life of the structures in which they are used, increasing the overall life span.


Steels with low carbon content are more weldable. When compared to TMT bars, TOR bars have a high carbon content, making welding through them extremely difficult. TMT bars, on the other hand, are easy to weld during construction due to their low carbon content. TMT bars’ inner cores remain soft during rapid cooling, making them easily weldable for a wide range of applications. Certain customers buy steel bars solely for their weldable properties, which is why it plays such an important role in determining whether a steel bar is good or not.


When TMT bars are used in construction, your building has a high level of fire resistance. TMT bars are a great option if there is a fire outbreak as they have high thermal solidity. They can withstand a maximum temperature of 600 degrees Celsius. TMT bars have an upper hand when it comes to this, as TOR steel has low thermal resistance capability. This makes it unsuitable when there is a temperature rise.


TMT bars are the most commonly used steel bars for construction because they have a hard outer layer and a soft inner core. TMT bars are said to have greater strength and flexibility than TOR steel bars, making them the best bars to use in construction. This is because TMT bars produce strong structures that are ideal for regions prone to natural disasters like earthquakes.

Both TOR bars and TMT bars have gained prominence in the industry. However, the above distinctions demonstrate why TMT bars have become so popular over the years. TMT bars, as illustrated above, have far superior qualities to traditional TOR. Making them the first choice for many. TMT bars are a better choice than TOR bars due to their longer lifespan, increased strength, fire resistance, seismic resistance, and anti-corrosive properties. TMT has consistently proven to be the best steel bar compared to all others. Therefore, if you ask, which is better? For us, it is unquestionably TMT bars.

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