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Top 10 Best Mobile Application Development Companies in Houston

There are hundreds of Austin app developers, but only the top 10 Austin mobile development Companies are truly the best of the best, and their unique skill sets make them worth checking out. To help you determine which firm you should go with, here’s an overview of the top 10 Austin mobile development Companies in Houston, along with some details about why they’re so great at what they do.

Austin is known as The Live Music Capital of the World, but it’s quickly becoming one of Texas’s top cities for mobile app development. Tech companies in Austin are having a significant economic impact on the city; in fact, over 12,000 people work as software Austin app developers in Austin, contributing over $7 billion to the local economy! This translates to 1% of all jobs in Austin being directly related to technology.

iRise Solutions

Hiring Austin app developers? We’re #1 in Houston. iRise Solutions is a software design company specializing in custom apps and mobile software solutions.

Our top-of-line technologies and quick turnaround time keep us ahead of our competition. Check out our portfolio section on our website to see some of our work before deciding which app developer to hire.


Easy As 1, 2, 3! There are thousands of mobile application development companies in Houston. It can be challenging to sort through them all and determine which ones are worth your time and money.

But Fizzy makes it easy for you by ranking a list of only the top 10 mobile app Austin app developers.

We’ve analyzed their portfolios, read their customer reviews and rated them based on performance and cost. If you’re ready to build your next app or revamp an existing one, let us show you how to get started with a great app developer in Houston!

Cosmo Techno

As a leading Austin mobile development company, we create highly optimized applications that give your business an edge in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace.

Whether you need us to develop a hybrid or native mobile application from scratch, convert your web application into an app for increased user reach and engagement, or update your current app to improve its functionality, our expert team can help.

Our apps are designed for various platforms and operating systems; we will recommend the best suitable platform for your requirements. We pride ourselves on high-quality service delivery and project management skills.

Our expert team will: ·Understand your industry requirements ·Develop a specific strategy for implementation ·Craft a customized solution that meets those needs ·Solve complex problems in simple ways

Atomic Apps

Atomic Apps is a mobile app development company based in Houston, Texas. & makes applications for phones, tablets and other electronic devices. and provides solutions that are attractive to businesses and individuals alike.

Since 2009, they have been one of Houston’s top iOS app development companies. They can develop apps for iPhone or iPad, Android or Windows Phone devices or integrate applications into your existing system as web apps.

At their office in Dallas County, they employ designers who create new UI and UX solutions, Austin app developers who write code that runs on various platforms and business analysts who ensure that all apps meet corporate standards and requirements of clients. Their project managers ensure deadlines are met while their client relationship managers handle billing and invoicing.


The mobile app market is reaching its saturation point, yet many companies are still hesitant to move their products into these new mediums.

While it may seem counterintuitive to be against a booming industry, it’s important to keep a few things in mind as you move into a new space.

Travrana Technologies

Travrana’s clients include some of Houston’s best-known companies, such as METRO and Shell Oil.

And with a team that has more than 100 years of combined experience in creating web, mobile and desktop applications, there is no doubt that Travrana knows its stuff.

The company develops all types of software for its clients and works on several custom projects at any given time. A company to watch!

Flexera Software

We have developed an impressive range of mobile applications for small businesses, including many in Houston. Many of our clients have requested iPhone apps because we can turn projects around quickly and efficiently.

In most cases, companies seek out our services because they want a custom app built from scratch; however, some businesses choose to use one of our predesigned templates so they can make minor adjustments before publishing it on iTunes.

Regardless of your chosen approach, AMCS offers responsive service and user-friendly features that will give your company a competitive edge in today’s increasingly digital marketplace.


RaveTechnologies was founded with a mission to provide high-quality software applications and services to clients that run their businesses efficiently.

The company designs applications using enterprise mobile application development platforms like Salesforce, SharePoint, and Windows Azure.

Besides, they also offer custom mobile application development services. Services include Web design & development (HTML5, CSS3), Application programming interface (API) integration, CRM integration & custom development, marketing web design & SEO services among others.

The company has completed hundreds of projects for numerous clients in various industries. Including finance, real estate, government agencies, and oil and gas companies.


Houston-based RaveTechnologies has offered clients a wide array of application development services since 2010. The company specializes in designing and building web-based applications using cutting-edge technologies like HTML5, PhoneGap, jQuery, Node.js and MySQL.

Moreover, it is highly focused on delivering its customers. Exceptionally easy-to-use and cost-effective mobile solutions for iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

Some of its most impressive clients include ADP Automatic Data Processing Inc. The Jersey Boys Las Vegas Show and Texas Roadhouse.

The Final Word

Austin app developers have led the charge to some of the most successful and unique mobile applications available, including Foursquare, GroupMe, and one of the most popular apps of all time, Angry Birds.

If you need some Austin app development services or want to learn more about. This part of the country’s robust technology industry. Check out the list of Houston’s top 10 mobile app development companies below.


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