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Top 10 Things to Know Before You Hire an Android App Developer

The manner in which we get access to services and information has been fundamentally transformed as a direct result of the proliferation of smartphones. 

They are present in practically every facet of our life now and have become an indispensable part of our culture. 

The desire to recruit Android app developers is growing on a worldwide scale as a result of Android applications’ ability to link people from all over the world in a seamless manner and to allow users to participate in more new and exciting ways.

The creation of Android app development Sydney calls for an in-depth grasp of both the programming and design components of the platform. In order to design and launch applications that are effective, an experienced Android app developer has to be knowledgeable about the complexities of a number of different ideas that are connected to each other. Hiring Android app developers requires evaluating numerous talents. Developers may utilise them to provide consumers the greatest experience.

Top 10 Android developer skills:

  • Android basics

Fundamentals are important. Kotlin and Java are popular Android app languages. Android app developers may utilise these languages singly or in combination. Android app development agency must be familiar with Java or Kotlin and their essential ideas. A thorough grasp of the collection system, concurrency, and multi-threading is also helpful. You must also know Java’s key concepts:

  • Java 8 is extensively used (54.6%), compared to Java 7 (40.8%) and Java 6 (4.6%) Developers should know Java 8.
  • Syntax is as important as mastering the current version. Syntax defines how Java programmes are written and understood. Developers must know syntax.
  • Java expertise: By knowing programme structure, Android app developers may save time and reduce mistakes.
  • Due of Kotlin’s resemblance to Java, the aforementioned functions are the same. Therefore, app developers must comprehend the key ideas.


User-app interaction enhances the Android experience greatly. Users may benefit from appropriate drag-and-drop, keyboard usage, and pan-and-zoom movements. 

Android app development agency Activity component handles user interaction.Ensure Android developers know how to make apps interactive to improve usability and user experience.

  • Android UI (UI)

Even if a software has great features, it will fail without a contemporary UI. Most app consumers demand easy-to-use, interesting apps nowadays. 

Therefore, UX and UI must be intuitive. More than half of app users rate applications on initial impressions, a research says.Every Android developer needs follow a few standards to create material-design applications. 

Using RecyclerView for lists and grids, ConstraintLayout for sophisticated layouts, animations to improve user experience, suitable menus, and vector drawables instead of raster images.

  • Navigating

UI navigation lets users move between screens or information in a mobile app. Toolbars and tab bars are used for UI navigation.The toolbar is the most basic. Toolbar pop-up menus, menu icons, and navigation bar icons. 

This symbol opens and closes the navigation bar, which assists in navigation. You may add menu items to the navigation bar to trade pieces and do other tasks.

BottomNavigationView lets you transition between activity pieces using tabs at the bottom of the screen. ViewPager lets you switch fragments (pages) using toolbar tabs.Android app navigation relies on user intent. 

An intent lets users exchange data and begin new app actions. Android developers must choose explicit or implicit purpose.

  • Android testing

Building and releasing a mobile app increases its use. Your team’s efforts will be wasted if the software isn’t stable, scalable, and user-friendly. 

Before deploying an Android app, testing is vital.When building an Android app development services, keep in mind that users may submit information or download files.

Before evaluating an Android developer’s abilities, make sure they can test numerous use cases and interactions to guarantee the app works properly. Expresso, Junit, Mockito, Robolectric, and UI Automator are popular Android testing libraries.

  • Cross-platform apps

Cross-platform mobile app development involves creating apps for many platforms. This means the same code or programming language is utilised to construct cross-platform apps. Mobile apps should work seamlessly on all smart devices without glitches.

Android developers can design applications for many platforms concurrently, publish them on various app stores, and reach Android, iOS, or Windows consumers quicker with this functionality. Cross-platform app development uses one code. 

This simplifies bug fixing, testing, and deployment.Before considering an Android developer, make sure they can create applications for Windows, iOS, and Android.

  • Databases

Mobile app databases are organised collections of app-related information. Database management systems update and alter them (DBMS).

Android app development services, must utilise SQL to access and alter app databases. Other reasons databases are important for mobile app development include data management and privacy controls.

  • App databases contain trustworthy information since DBMS highlights differences.
  • App databases provide theft and hacking protection. Multiple user logins are accessible in a database management system (DBMS), and new users must be authorised.
  • DML makes DBMS updates easy (Data Manipulation Languages). These languages facilitate app database updates.
  • DQL helps developers search an app’s database in seconds.
  1. API integration

APIs are tools and protocols that enable software programmes to interact. APIs are a mobile app’s basis. They translate big data into a mobile-friendly format. 

Android app development requires API connectivity.Social networking, banking, and other applications utilise APIs. API administration is a vital role for firms that wish to share and engage with their data.

APIs allow simple integration and timely delivery to increase an enterprise’s reach. By combining assets with partners’ and providing them through mobile apps, companies may target mobile consumers.To guarantee smooth integration and user experience, engage an Android developer familiar with API and third-party services.

  • Android safety

Android’s security mechanisms avoid app security concerns. Android developers must preserve user privacy by seeking permissions and securely exchanging data (and other permission options). 

Content suppliers must also carefully consider the app’s security approach.Implementing security is an essential Android app development ability to safeguard and protect your app from data breaches.

  • Git version control

Even the greatest programmers have trouble monitoring changes manually. Working with other developers exacerbates the issue. Version control solutions allow app developers make code changes using an easy-to-use interface. 

Git is a popular, feature-rich, free task management solution.Git offers several tools for Android app development, including branching and merging, undoing code changes that cause errors or performance degradation, and pull requests for code reviews.

It’s a must-have talent for Android app developers. It lets app developers experiment with new features, coding approaches, and updates without affecting current apps.

Concluding overall

Even if there are a number of other additional variables that recruiters need to take into consideration before recruiting Android or mobile app developers, one of the most important parts of the hiring process is still the evaluation of Android developer abilities. 

It is now essential for businesses in every sector, from healthcare to marketing, to develop specialized apps for mobile devices. 

Because of this, it is not a secret that there is a tremendous increase in demand for mobile app developers. As a result, it has become very necessary to analyze the competence of Android developers before using them for your project.

Finding skilled developers, particularly those who are willing to work toward making your ideas a reality and who share your vision, may be challenging. 

And Turing is an industry leader when it comes to staffing businesses with seasoned Android developers.

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