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Top 5 NFT Marketplace Development Companies In The US

NFT Marketplace Development Companies

NFTs have been gaining mainstream acceptance across a variety of applications since the latter half of the 2000s. Decentralized finance platforms are already showing great results, affecting the world immensely.

The later 2010s saw the introduction of non-fungible tokens, which proclaimed their usefulness in proving ownership. As unique tokens on the blockchain, they have been successful in ensuring the authenticity of products. Digital art, unique collectibles, trading cards, in-game assets, as well as virtual real estate were among the NFTs sold for millions of dollars.

A larger number of companies with expertise in the NFT marketplace development services can develop these tokens.

This blog lists the top five NFT platform developers among those in the ‘market’ today.

5 Most Popular Providers of NFT Marketplace Development Services


SparxIT is one of the most popular NFT marketplace development companies, with a history that goes back to the early days of the NFT. Their expertise is quite diverse in NFT development, and they can convert any product as an NFT.

The company has the capability of developing NFTs on any blockchain, including Ethereum, BSC, and Cardano. Their portfolio boasts of work across chains as well, thanks to a versatile team that can also offer standalone solutions.

They have a global client pool with offices in the US and the UK.

Cheesecake Labs

Cheesecake Labs is a team of 100+ IT professionals, including engineers, designers, tech enthusiasts, and project managers. They have been in operation since 2013, serving clients with a variety of digital products and next-gen technology from IoT to NFT marketplaces and wearables.


Pixelplex is a blockchain development company that offers to create sophisticated analytics and quants ecosystems in a range of sectors. These include healthcare, FinTech, banking, logistics, and many more. They also have a global presence with offices in New York, London, Tokyo, Seoul, and Pfäffikon.


Techforce focuses on providing relevant NFT marketplace development services through varied solutions. This company has worked on various facets of NFT marketplace development to ensure a streamlined user experience.

Their portfolio showcases their unique approach, experience, and expertise across projects of varying scales, making a great addition to this list of the top NFT marketplace development companies.


BlockFi is another well-known service provider in the United States with a specialty in – you guessed it – blockchain development. Their expertise extends over everything related to this field. This makes them capable of handling it all, whether their clients need to create or mint tokens, or reach more buyers easily.

In addition to working with offices around the world, they also develop marketplaces for selling NFTs across multiple chains.

In Summary

You might find there are firms popping up every day, claiming to offer the best NFT marketplace development services. However, the above-mentioned companies have actually delivered what they claim, and you check that in their portfolios.

It would be wise to conduct thorough research to ensure you’re hiring an expert in the field. This is true regardless of the type of development services you seek.

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