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Top Cloud Computing Skills to develop in 2022

Reports show that the cloud computing market is expected to grow from USD 445.3 billion in 2021 to USD 947.3 billion. Career opportunities for Cloud Architects, Cloud software developers, Cloud Infrastructure engineers, Cloud Automation Engineers, and cloud security engineers are in high demand. Both freshers and experienced professionals have equal job opportunities.

India alone recorded nearly 3,79,000 job openings for cloud roles in the past year. COVID-19 outbreak has increased the usage of cloud computing. Remote work, education, entertainment, healthcare everything changed to the cloud. The healthcare systems essentially adopted cloud systems to maintain the health records of patients. The E-commerce and IT sectors also shifted their workflow to better cloud computing platforms. Entertainment platforms like Netflix, online gaming and video streaming also boosted the cloud. Experts in cloud platforms predict that the candidates with Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud computing skills will be in great demand, in times to come. This blog post describes a list of top skills professionals should develop to start and upgrade a career path in the cloud.

1.Knowledge of Different Cloud Platforms

Knowledge and skills in prominent cloud service platforms like Azure, AWS, GCP, IBM and Dell. Additionally, it is necessary to understand which cloud provider offers the best services for your company’s applications. It is important to know the usage of each of these service providers for specific needs.

2.Programming Skills

For developing applications, on cloud platforms, it is significant to have programming skills. Ability to write code to build, deploy and manage the cloud applications. Cloud architects should possess Skills to code in Java, Python, JavaScript, and Database knowledge in SQL and NoSQL and Linux are also essential. Important certifications that can be acquired are red hat Linux certifications, python professional certifications

3.Skills of handling Application Program Interface

Application Program Interface (API) is used to link cloud computing services together. Application programming interfaces (APIs) allow one computer program to make its data and functionality available for external programs to use. Developers use APIs to connect software components in internal networks across the company.

4.Hybrid Cloud Handling Skills

The hybrid cloud contains certain resources on-premises and other resources are in the cloud. Cloud professionals should have a good understanding of how various cloud models function and how to connect them seamlessly in a hybrid environment.  skills to connect both public and private cloud resources together.

5.Storage and Database integration skills

Data storage is the main component of cloud computing. As databases are rapidly migrated to the new cloud environment. Most importantly, working as a cloud engineer requires database skills for organizing the data. Developing good skills and working knowledge in different cloud storage methods are key for cloud computing professionals.

6.Migration skills

Developing skills in migration tools is important to building a career in cloud deployment & migration. Tools like Discover IT assets tools, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis tools, Application profiling tools on AWS, and Azure Migrate tool help for migration. Skills to migrate specialty workloads like SAP on AWS or SAP on Azure, VMware on AWS or Azure, etc. are in high demandEarning cloud certifications in these tools can boost your career prospects in this Domain.

7.Cloud Security skills

Cloud Security professionals have a prominent role in the IT industry. Importantly, organizations are widely changing to the cloud and are aiming at securing cloud resources, So, opportunities and career growth for cloud security professionals are exponentially growing. Earning cloud certifications in cloud security can build a career in the cloud security sphere.

8.AI/ML skills

 combining cloud computing skills with artificial intelligence skills will boost the profile of an IT professional in the market. This skill set is in high demand as companies use machine learning to understand the large amount of data they are collecting. There are a lot of data analytics certification courses available in this field.

9.DevOps & Kubernetes skills

Kubernetes jobs opportunities are increasing and of high demand from 2015 onwards. So, developing and achieving DevOps & Kubernetes by cloud aspirants and cloud professionals will give a new start. Kubernetes show incredible rise as organizations need containers for complex applications, microservices and even cloud-native applications. Kubernetes made it easier for developers to move from development to production, making applications more portable.

10.Automation in Cloud Environment skills

Cloud automation means developing skills to use software tools for orchestration, automation, and cloud provisioning. These tools will automatically control the installation, configuration, and management of cloud computing services. It helps companies to make better decisions for their cloud computing resources.

The benefits of cloud automation are as follows

  • it saves a lot of time and money
  • it is faster, secure and scalable
  • organizations can get reliable workflows
  • Less error

    11.Internet of Things skills

IoT specialists earn higher salaries compared to generic IT professionals. With the rapid change in data communication techniques, IoT devices are hardware devices, like sensors, and gadgets, that collect and exchange data over the Internet. Most IoT devices are configured and managed through the cloud using a software application. For example, an app is used on your smartphone to control the lights in your home. Some IoT gadgets also have integrated web servers, which eliminates the need for external applications.

12.Cloud Computing Skills for Future

Following are the most in-demand cloud computing skills for the future:

  • secure, and cost-optimized cloud architecture
  • Creation of large scale data models
  • Develop new tools for digital collaboration
  • Use techniques for advanced problem-solving
  • Knowledge of data mining
  • Knowledge of Cybersecurity

The most popular Cloud computing certifications available in 2022

Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect

Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate and professional

Practitioner certification and Certified Developer – Associate

IBM Certified Solution Advisor

Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge

The End

The migration to the cloud platforms brings more job opportunities for those with the right IT skills and passion to make it happen. Getting training and earning a valid certificate from authorized training partners and other leading cloud providers provides aspirants with a competitive edge. To conclude- “Developing cloud computing skills in 2022 with help of industry certifications prepares aspiring professionals to be future-ready and move up in the career path”. Cloud computing is going to be the future of technology so start upgrading your skills.

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