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Top Mental Health Clinic in Multan

Mental health is a very serious yet sensitive issue, we see many stories in Urdu news in Pakistan as well as in international news about young people who commit suicide due to mental stress and pressure. In this era of social media, people are getting more connected virtually and they share every detail of their life on social media to show other people. This practice is helpful for some people but at the same time, it can be depressing for other people.

Effects of social media

People tend to pretend on social media that everything is perfect in their life. They fake their lifestyles in order to impress other people. People start to envy other people, especially social media bloggers who show their privileged lifestyle and give reviews about places they go and the food they eat, but little do the people know that most of the reviews are often fake or paid. Some people get cyberbullied on social media, people threaten them and make fun of them on social media. This affects a person’s self-esteem and self-confidence. People start to go into depression because they think that they are less accomplished than the other people of their age.

This matter got so serious that we saw in international news that some countries have banned fashion and lifestyle blogs on social media in order to save their young people from getting depressed and anxious. Due to these issues, it is very important for everyone to seek professional help if they are experiencing many signs of mental illness.

Spring Clinic Multan

Spring clinic is a mental health clinic in Multan which is helping people deal with their mental and emotional issues. They have a highly qualified staff of psychologists, psychiatrists, and therapists who diagnose the issue and then treat the people according to their needs and condition. They have the expertise to figure out the root cause of a problem a person is having.

Sometimes people cannot figure out what is bothering them the most. they feel helpless and cannot control their thoughts and process their emotions. This is the point where a professional can help. Psychologists talk to people in a way that they feel comfortable sharing their feelings and thoughts with them. They provide them with a safe space in which they can let out all the things that bother them. According to psychologists, there can be several factors that cause mental distress, spring clinic is present to cure these problems.

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Poor Childhood

Many children experience physical or emotional abuse, sexual violence, and neglect in childhood. Child sexual abuse is a very major issue nowadays, every now and then we see the news on our local channels as well as on international news that children are being sexually assaulted by their teachers, neighbors, and even family members. Many children face a physical assault by their parents in childhood, these issues have a big impact on a child’s mental health and stay with them for a long time. Some people could not recover from it all their life. Spring clinic is a mental health clinic in Multan that treats childhood traumas.

Isolation and loneliness

Isolation and loneliness can make people mentally ill. Humans are social animals and they need social interaction in order to survive. When a person is alone he has no one to talk to and no or to share their feelings with. Every person needs someone to whom they can talk and every person has this urge to be understood and to be taken seriously. This isolation can impact a person’s mental health in a very negative way. It increases the negative thoughts and affects the attitude and behavior of a person. Psychologists help people to break the ice with other people so they can socialize and get back to life.

The burden of Studies or career  

We are living in an era where everyone is moving so fast and everything in life has become a competition. Young people are competing in studies and fighting for their careers and survival. See any international news you will know that young people are struggling with basic things. These things affect mental health in a very negative way. Many people feel inferiority complex after seeing other people accomplish more in their life. Spring clinic is the mental health clinic in Multan which helps young people to overcome this pressure and self-doubt. 

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