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What does the Progressive Insurance Snapshot program include?

The Progressive Snapshot program is a good option if you want a plan that is personalized to your driving habits. After you sign up, the insurer will track your driving behavior for a period of time using the Snapshot app or plug-in device.

You can get auto insurance discounts on your coverage based on how safe you are on the road.

There’s a catch, though: If Progressive finds you’re a terrible driver, your rates could go up. This differs from other usage-based plans like State Farm’s Drive Safe & SaveTM, which don’t raise your rate no matter how badly you drive.

Does Progressive Insurance offer discounts?

Progressive Insurance offers a variety of discounts to help consumers save money on auto insurance premiums:

  • Multi-policy discount: By combining auto insurance with additional policies, policyholders can save an average of 5% on premiums.
  • Multi-Car Discount: Average 4% discount for drivers with multiple vehicles listed on the policy.
  • Continuous Insurance: Customers who switch to Progressive Insurance can save money based on how long they were continuously insured with their previous insurer.
  • Snapshot Safe Driver Discount: The app adjusts the policyholder’s rate based on their driving record.
  • Teen Driver Discount: This discount helps offset some of the costs of adding a teen driver to the policy.
  • Good student discount: By adding a full-time student with a B average or higher to their insurance, drivers can save an average of 10% on their premiums.
  • Distance Student Discount: This insurance discount is specifically for full-time student drivers; Either 22 years of age or younger and living more than 100 miles from home, as long as the student does not use the vehicle while in school.
  • Through Progressive Insurance’s network of home insurers, homeowners can get a discount of about 10% even if the home is not insured.
  • Discounts for online quotes: Consumers who quote their auto insurance online or have a professional representative complete the quote over the phone save an average of 7%.
  • Discount for signing paperwork online: For policyholders who sign documents online.
  • Paperless Discount: For policyholders who choose to receive paperwork via email instead of paper.
  • Pay-in-Full Discount: Available to policyholders who pay the policy in full upfront.
  • Discount on Automatic Payments: This discount offer applies to policyholders who set up automatic payments from a checking account, credit card or debit card.

Does Progressive offer home insurance?

Progressive insures homes and other structures such as detached garages, gazebos, decks, patios and sheds. It can buy home insurance in several forms, including residential coverage, personal property coverage, personal liability insurance, and others.

The Progressive Home Quote Explorer tool lets you compare homeowners insurance rates and coverage from several providers.

#1. Housing protection

Damage to the home and anything permanently attached to it, such as the garage, roof, chimneys, deck, countertops, cabinets, floors, and vanities.

#2. Other constructions

Structures that are not permanently attached to the house are prone to damage.

#3. Personal belongings

This home insurance covers theft or damage to electronics, furniture, clothing, appliances/power tools

#4. Loss of use

Temporary living expenses, including accommodation, rent and food, if the policyholder’s home is damaged due to a covered loss and he or she is unable to live there.

#5. Personal liability

Legal fees filed due to bodily injury or property damage to the insured or family members

#6. Medical expenses

Medical expenses if someone is injured on the policy holder’s property.

Optional coverages

#1. Backup water supply

Water damage caused by clogged sump pumps and sewage systems

#2. Personal injury

Lawsuits against a policyholder are uncommon but expensive and may include defamation or defamation, wrongful entry or malicious prosecution, wrongful eviction, wrongful arrest, detention or imprisonment.

Does Progressive Home Insurance offer discounts?

Of course, Progressive Home Insurance offers many discounts. They are held down.

#1. Bundle home and auto discounts

5% discount on grouping home and auto insurance policies (savings applied to auto insurance)

#2. Discounts on security and alarm systems

If the home contains security features such as automatic sprinklers, security systems, and cameras, the discount will apply.

#3. Quote in advance

For customers who receive a quote at least 10 days prior to policy commencement.

#4. New purchase

Customers acquiring a new home (not necessarily new construction) or transferring from a renters insurance policy are eligible for this discount.

Progressive Life Insurance

You may also be interested to know that Progressive Life Insurance is also sold through eFinancial, a third party company. You can get any of the following:

#1. Term life insurance

The policy provides coverage for a specified number of years, paid up to the period for which the policy does not lapse and the premium is payable.

#2. Final expenses insurance

Also called burial insurance, it pays for funeral expenses, hospital bills and other related charges.

#3. Universal Life Insurance 

Also known as adjustable life insurance, this type of policy allows policyholders to increase or decrease their death benefit as well as adjust or waive monthly premiums within certain limits.

#4. Variable life insurance

Built-in two parts:

Face Value Death Benefit: A fixed death benefit as long as the premiums are paid after the death of the policyholder.

Variable Cash Value: Cash value fluctuates in response to payments made and performance of selected investments.

#5. Whole life insurance

Lifetime coverage with set premiums and cash value components against which policyholders may borrow in the future.

Various term lengths are available from one year to permanent policy.

Method of distribution

For more than 75 years, Progressive has formed strong alliances with the independent agent channel. The company claims to be the leading provider of auto insurance through independent insurance agents.

Progressive will work with approximately 43,000 agents and brokers from hundreds of institutions across the United States in 2021.

Despite its support for the free agent channel, Progressive has never shied away from experimentation.

In line with changing consumer needs, the insurer provides a variety of direct purchase choices and programs.

Progressive Insurance Reviews

Progressive scored 856 out of a possible 1,000 points in JD Power’s 2021 US Insurance Shopping Study, which interviews consumers to measure satisfaction at each stage of the buying process. USAA and Geico received 902 and 869 points, respectively, and 871 points. In the same study, progress scored eight points higher than the previous year.

The insurer scored 2021 out of a possible 1,000 points in JD Power’s 862 US auto claims satisfaction study (the average was 880).

The survey considered the responses of 7,345 auto insurance customers who had paid a claim in the last six months.

Drivers are happy with the mobile experience. On the App Store, the Progressive app has a 5.0-star rating out of 3.5, and it has a 4.1-star rating on Google Play.


Is the progressive claim payment rate satisfactory?

This is called the case demand phase. Many consumers add up their maintenance and medical expenses and report them to their insurance provider. Progressive is eager to pay the claim amount even if they know you have other losses, which will be revealed later.

What are the benefits of choosing Progressive Insurance?

Progressive auto insurance is a great option for safe drivers. Its Snapshot program tracks your driving patterns and rewards safe drivers with incentives. Progressive’s website includes a “Name Your Price” option that matches available coverage with the price you want to pay for auto insurance.

How often should I pay for my auto insurance?

Progressive auto insurance gives you the choice of paying monthly or in full, depending on what works best for your budget. However, if you prepay for your six-month policy, you can get a substantial discount.

Is Progressive Insurance Cheap?

According to our full coverage rate estimates, the progression rate is 19% lower than the national average. It applies to drivers above 35 years of age with good credit and driving records. Many drivers find cheaper car insurance with Progressive, especially those who qualify for discounts, but the only way to find the best deal for you is to shop around.

The decision

Progressive insurance is good for high-risk drivers. Rated 10.0 out of 9.0 and recognized as a top choice for high-risk drivers in 2022. 

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