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What’s the best way to sell 100+ used books?

Selling books offline is the most difficult work to do, you have to search for the store that buys used books and what’s the price & which is the best price for the book. This whole process takes many days, visiting store to store & your precious time. Save you from these substances, here comes ONLINE selling items in which you can sell your items online rather than electronics, clothes, and many more things. Just like that, you can sell your used items & books online.

First, we will see what are the benefits of selling books online:

  • Very Convenient: Selling books online saves you time, and stops you from wandering from store to store. You will get your potential buyer near you.
  • Earn money: Selling books online lets you earn money. And you’ll also save time by not having to wait in line, which is especially useful around the holidays when stores are crowded.

There are many online sites/apps where you can sell your used book, rather than going somewhere to sell your books, & get the potential buyer nearby. Online selling has many options sites to sell used books, here is the list where you can sell 100+ used books online.


Pickzon is the best business promotion app, where you can create clips, buy & sell items & promote your business. In selling items it means electronics, vehicles, clothes & books, you’ll be able to sell your new & used book. Selling your books online is more convenient than visits to different stores and PICKZON gives you more potential buyers nearby. You can sell any book you want such as academics, novels, &, etc. you can list unlimited items on PickZon. 

Connect with the buyer directly, there is no middle man in between seller & buyer which means you don’t need to give any commission.


Amazon is an E-commerce company that sells all the items, it sells new & used items. You can sell your used books, & get more buyers. Because of the massive customer base, you will be able to get more buyers for your books. But on Amazon, you can not connect with the buyer directly, there is a middle man which is amazon.


eBay is a website where you can buy different types of products, and you can also list your books for selling. You’ll discover that there’s a much wider market for your books on eBay. Furthermore, you’ll discover that eBay has variety of tools that will assist you in determining how much your books sell.


Bookthela is a website where you can buy and sell new and second-hand books. Bookthela includes a variety of categories that might help you dig further into the book sections. Bookthela offers a special package of four books from the “Grab Bag” category to its users.

The above apps & websites are easy to use, and you’ll be able to buy & sell books. But the more convenient app is “PICKZON” , the best business promotion app, in which you’ll be able to sell & buy books. You can also entertain yourself by viewing videos (short videos). This app can be used to sell or buy products, including electronics, autos, home appliances, and other items. 

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