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Why Did China Theft Data of Students of Australia’s University?

China is said to have stolen the personal information of 200,000 Australian university staff members and students to extort them into working as spies.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, senior intelligence authorities have strong suspicions that China was behind the hack directed at 19-year-old academic records, tax information, and bank account data.

Authorities have called the attack “sophisticated,” implying that it was probably the government’s work rather than a gang or other criminal organisation.

Officials worry that China, one of the few nations deemed capable of carrying out such a significant breach, may use the data to train a new generation of spies.

The attack was made public on Tuesday by Canberra’s Australian National University (ANU), whose alumni include prime ministers, ambassadors, and military commanders.

Vice Chancellor Brian Schmidt reported that the institution had discovered “substantial quantities of unlawful access to” data.

The hacker had access to the data for at least five months, as the intrusion started late last year but wasn’t discovered for another two weeks.


The attack occurred after the university’s cyber defences were strengthened by the elite espionage agency of the Australian government last year.

The Soviet Union was able to recruit potential spies successfully. At the same time, they were still students during the Cold War, and it is believed that Chinese intelligence services may have developed similar strategies.

The Cambridge Five are a group of five British diplomats and spies discovered working for the Soviet Union after being hired at the University of Cambridge. Their case is the most well-known.


The Soviet Union created a tactic known as Kompromat during the Cold War, which was named after the Russian word for “compromising material”.

The KGB and the Russian government would obtain information on Western insiders, who would then use it as leverage.

In 1956, he coerced British government servant John Vassall into working for the KGB when a honey trap

Operation in Moscow turned up photographic proof of his homosexuality. Which was still against the law in his native country of Britain at the time.

A similar operation was carried out against American writer Joseph Alsop a year later. Still, instead of providing information, he wrote an article outlining the experience and exposing his past with sex.

This hack is the most current in recent assaults on Australian government institutions.

While the governments meteorological and statistics agencies were the targets of high-profile breaches in 2015 and 2016, MPs were instructed to change their passwords in February over concerns of an attack on the parliamentary computer network.


The information may cause people to worry about how susceptible British colleges are too similar assaults.

“Cyber security at British institutions is a little of a curate’s egg,” he said. According to Professor Alan Woodward of the University of Surrey’s Centre for Cyber Security, it’s good in certain places but not so good in others.

The primary problem with colleges is that they are frequently pretty open spaces. To exchange research, they are there, and there is a strong sense of community. They are, therefore, challenging to shut down. Hackers are increasingly targeting universities

Because the intellectual property produced by their research may be precious if released into the public domain.

China is mainly engaged in the field of cyber intelligence, he continued.

Although it is a beautiful simplification, China frequently focuses on gathering enormous volumes of information.

It boils down to that if someone can interfere with your cyber network that might have an adverse effect on society. It resembles the old mutually assured annihilation theory somewhat. Right now, during the Cold War, information theft is the primary concern.

But he also noted that institutions like colleges frequently have defences against assaults similar to those seen in Australia.

That “some institutions are stronger than others at routinely examining their networks for abnormal behaviours” is what he said. And this research is done by our essay writing help expert eddie broke.

Because of the current intrusion detection technologies that might raise a red flag. It is pretty uncommon for a breach to go undetected for five months.

There is no such thing as an unshakable system, even though we believe British institutions to be among the finest in the world in this area. Read more blog here.

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