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Why DIY Control Doesn’t Work on Bed Bugs?

Infestations of bed bugs can cause major health issues such as lasting scars, infected bites, and even infectious infections. While it is critical to remove bed bugs as soon as possible. You should think twice before attempting to cure an infestation on your own.

DIY approaches such as insect bombs and diatomaceous earth are nearly never effective and frequently worsen infestations.

For that reason, we always urge people to seek out the best bed bug exterminator instead of going through the trouble of search and applying DIY methods.

And we have all the reasons to convince you to do that:

Everyone Is a Professional

When looking for bed bug treatment alternatives on the internet, it can be difficult to know who to believe. You could find some success if you hunt for technical articles authored by college students and instructors, but what do we do most of the time?

We search for a straightforward website that provides all of the information we want in a concise and easily consumable way. The issue with those pages is that they were created by individuals who understand how to organise information. They are not like your local bed bug pest control specialist. And even a URL with an.edu is not a guarantee of trustworthy information.

Why Do Do-It-Yourself Methods Of Killing Bed Bugs Fail?

Even if your property is in the early stages of infestation, you must tell your property management and request an examination and treatment from registered pest control firms.

Remember that bed bugs have relatively short breeding cycles and may produce a large number of eggs in a lifetime, multiplied by the number of female bugs in your flat. It only takes a few weeks — perhaps fewer — for manageable populations to erupt into full-fledged infestations.

Unfortunately, as bed bug scares have become more common in the media, profit-hungry companies have seized the opportunity to corner the DIY bed bug treatment market by advertising dubious eradication methods and spreading misinformation about bed bugs’ receptivity to powders and pesticides. Based on our clients’ experiences, we know that off-the-shelf insecticides and powders nearly never work.

Some of these businesses rely on consumers’ well-intended desire to use “green” or eco-friendly ways instead of chemical pesticides. While others take the reverse tack and promise unbelievable results from inexpensive cans of insect spray.

However, while green and chemical approaches may be on opposing sides of the ecological spectrum. The final effect of misleading customers is the same: limited and/or nonexistent.

Let’s take a deeper look at some of the difficulties with typical DIY treatment items like diatomaceous earth (“DE”) and consumer-grade insecticides like aerosol contact sprays.

Problems with Effectiveness in DIY Bed Bug Treatment

Can the all-knowing internet give do-it-yourself bed insect management options? While there are several techniques that individuals swear by, such as using alcohol to kill bed bugs, the probability of online bed bug treatment succeeding is minimal. This is why:

  • Many infestations will need many treatments, and failing to apply one of them may necessitate starting over. Because bed bugs are found in regions where do-it-yourself approaches may not reach them, these procedures are unlikely to exterminate the pests.
  • Bed bugs can be hard to detect since they resemble their bat bug cousins.
  • Using only one strategy, rather than attacking the problem with several treatment strategies, might lower efficacy significantly.
  • Bed bugs cannot identify only by their bites, and it is common for people to mix flea bites with bed bug bites. Bed bugs and other insect bites may resemble an allergic reaction to anything irrelevant to arthropods.
  • Do-it-yourself bed bug management methods, believe it or not, can exacerbate an infestation.

In order to avoid all these problems and stop the infestation from happening again, all you have to do is search for “bed bug treatment company near me” online. An expert will not only get rid of the problem but provide a bullet-proof prevention method.


How do you know when bed bugs are gone?

When you will start to witness less discomfort while sleeping, fewer bite marks, or itchiness on your skin.

What kills bed bugs instantly?

Bed bugs and their eggs can be diminished at 122°F (50°C).

What is the main cause of bed bugs?

Travelling and buying second-hand clothes or furniture is how your home get infests with bed bugs.

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