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Why Do Some People Send Parents To Old Age Homes?


“Old age homes is not a disease; it is strength and survivorship, triumph over all kinds of vicissitudes and disappointments, trials and illness.”

Once the family was taken care of by those older family members, it’s time for the younger generation to reciprocate the same.

Though this is a sensitive and argumentative topic, sending parents to old age home is not always bad. Maybe in some families, people send their parents to Old age homes, neglect their wishes, take them for granted, abuse them mentally and keep them in very low-graded old age home where they are provided with minimal care and security.

Nowadays, children prefer to keep their old parents or grandparents in Old age home that provide the best care. It is impossible for working parents with kids to take care of their old and ailed parents simultaneously.

What has made it familiar for the elderly population to stay in old age homes and retirement homes?

An increase in the number of nuclear families. The youth settling abroad for better jobs and liabilities, and family problems are the main reasons. Why the current generation cannot take time to look after their parents all by themselves.

Often, the difference in psycho-socio-political mindset might create altercations between the Baby Boomers and Generations Y, and Z.This is why the youth seek the best retirement homes or old age homes that serve the best for their previous generations.

Old Age homes that provide and serve senior citizens with love, care, and security are a boon for those children. Who adore their parents but cannot take the time to take good care of them.

There is a list of old age homes in Kerala which provide a good amount of love and care to senior citizens. Among the list of old age homes in Kerala, Travancore Foundation is the leading one. This luxury old age home in Kottayam is a benevolent trust and a non-profit organisation regarded as the most authentic. And professionally controlled senior care service provider. Economically stable senior citizens choose to remain in retirement homes for a better lifestyle.

This old age homes in Kottayam has put itself at the top of the list of old age homes in Kerala for its service, strong vision and mission, transparency and integrity, and mutual respect for the senior citizens. Experience the best healthcare systems, lavishing meals prepared by professional chefs, proper housekeeping, taking care of the daily amusements for the loved ones. And high-security techniques in these kinds of old age homes in Kottayam.

Main Reason that Children Send Their Parents to Old Age Homes?

24*7 Health care services:

Old age homes in Kochi provide the best health care services to senior citizens. Due to degenerative factors, they tend to fall ill bit by bit. So, to avoid this situation, each resident is monitored every day. Daily checkups and tests are carried on. The availability of onboard doctors and the care of nurses makes Old Age homes better than living in a house with busy family members.

Safety and security:

As discussed earlier, every resident living in the old age home in Kochi is monitored 24*7. This is an entirely impossible thing if the senior citizens live with their busy children or if they live all alone without any supervision. Also, it is for their own betterment if they are going through some serious family issues.

Regular healthy meals:

Often elderly people crave foods that they aren’t allow to eat. Family members don’t pay any attention to them and bluntly refuse to prepare some food that is tasty and healthy at the same time. These situations are not repeat in old-age homes. Professional dietitians and nutritionists prepare their food charts which are later prepare by a professional chef. This process makes them feel warm and gives them immense pleasure after a lifelong struggle.

Recreation and Amusement:

Elderly people tend to feel alone and depressed which affects not only their mental health but also slowly devastates their physical health. To make them happy, old age homes in Kochi have built amusement halls like libraries, mental health care units, gym rooms, and game rooms. Apart from all these, they make friends of their own vibes, forgetting all the pain in their memory lanes.


It is better for the nuclear family, where everyone is busy, to send their elder ones to Old age homes. Where they can live independently with proper security and care and relive their childhood memories while genuinely realising. That they are surround by people who adore them more than anything.

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