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Why HP Printer Access Denied Issue

HP Printer Access Denied Issue

How to connect your printer to your home network when HP Printer Access Denied Issue

Open the Control Panel.

Click Hardware and Sound.

Double-click on the Add a Printer icon.

Click Next to select Add a network printer, wireless printer or Bluetooth printer.

Windows will scan the printer. Select the printer to be detected and click Next.

When you attempt to share a printer via a network, there are many reasons why you might get an “Access Denied” message HP Printer Access Denied Issue. The most likely causes are the absence of Windows’ File and Printer Sharing service and the inability to obtain proper network credentials.


Click Start, then point to Settings and click Printers.

Right-click on the printer causing the problem and click Properties.

Click on the Scheduling tab and click Spool Print Documents to speed up program printing.

After the last page has been spooled click Start printing and then click OK.

What causes “Printer driver not installed”? What causes the “Access is denied” error?

This error occurs when a user does not have full access to all features on their Windows computer. The error message “Access is denied” clearly indicates that the user is trying to access a feature they don’t have permission to. As a solution, log in to Windows with Administrator rights to resolve the problem and then try installing your printer driver again.

How to fix “Printer driver not installed.” How to fix “Access is denied”

You can fix the error “Printer driver not installed”. You will need to follow a 2-step process in order to fix the “Access is denied” error message on your Windows computer. These steps are clearly explained below to make sure you don’t get any errors.

Register as an Administrator

If your Windows OS has an Administrator account, you can log in with this account to proceed to the next step. If the Administrator account on your Windows OS is not active, you can still login with it and follow the steps below to activate it.

Manually Install the Printer Driver

This is the right time to install your printer drivers again. You will now be able to install your printer driver again because you now have administrator rights. Follow these steps to install your printer driver.

Step 1: Click on the Start button to open the control panel.

Step 2: Next, search for a network or sharing center in the new window.

Step 3: Click on Change adapter Settings from the left side.

Step 4: Right-click the LAN icon, then click on properties.

Step 5: Click on File & Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks.

Step 6: If you are unable to find the option you want, click on Install and Click on Service.

Step 7 – Click on Add to select the File & Printer sharing option.

Step 8: A dialog box will appear on your screen. Click on OK to close it and install the Windows services.

If Windows prompts you to reboot your computer, do so to allow the installation to complete.

To troubleshoot an ‘Access Denied” error while sharing a network printer, check the Printer Network Connections

tep 1: Click on devices and printers to see a list of all your printers installed in Windows.

Step 2: Hold the Windows + R key down to open it. The Run dialog box will then appear.

If it is not visible, make sure the USB cable interface is securely seated.

You will need to either install the drivers and software from the manufacturer’s website or use the CD to connect your printer.


Now you know how to fix the error “Printer driver not installed”. Your Windows computer may be displaying the “Access is denied” error. Ensure that your printer is connected to your computer and ready to use while you follow the above-mentioned solution.

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