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Why is Serverwala’s VPS Hosting Canada the Best Option for E-Commerce Sites?


You need an eCommerce website if you want to showcase your products to people all across the globe. An E-Commerce site helps you attract sales, traffic, and conversions multiple times higher than a physical store. According to research, E-Commerce sales in Canada are going to raise over $104.77 billion by 2025 with a year-on-year growth of 10.4%. However, when starting an eCommerce business you need to focus on multiple aspects and one of them is choosing the right web hosting. 

If you start your E-Commerce site on a shared server then you will soon start getting issues on your site. If the traffic increases on your shared server, your website speed will get slow. 

So, to achieve better growth on your E-Commerce site, you need to choose VPS Hosting Canada. VPS Server gives you multiple advantages to increase the performance of your website. You should choose Canadian VPS Hosting because of the following reasons:

  • Shared Hosting limits the growth of the website
  • You don’t get the Unique Dedicated IP in the shared server
  • Speed of the website getting slow on the shared server

If you want to grow your E-Commerce business in Canada then you first need to focus on choosing a powerful web server. Web Hosting is an essential component of any website. It is the backbone that determines the performance, security, and stability of your website. So, you must choose a reliable and trustworthy server hosting provider with data centers located in Canada itself.  Serverwala Cloud Data Center is a renowned data center service provider with data centers across 21+ countries including Canada. You will get high performance and high speed for your website with Serverwala’s VPS Hosting Canada. Read this article to know more about Serverwala and its VPS Hosting Services in Canada. 

Advantages of VPS Canada for E-Commerce Website

Using the Hypervisor technology, the physical server is divided into various private servers. Each private server is known as VPS Server. VPS Hosting uses virtualization technology means it provides a private environment to host the website. Below are some of the advantages that explain to you how VPS is beneficial for your E-Commerce website.


In shared hosting, you have to share the resources with other website owners. The resources provided in the shared server are very limited. 

In VPS Hosting, the resources provided by the web hosting provider are completely yours. Further, you can also upgrade and modify your resources according to your business requirements. 

Unique Dedicated IP

In the shared web hosting, you have to share your IP with the other websites. 

In VPS Canada you are provided with a unique Dedicated IP. The IP address gives you a unique identity for your business. It also helps Google in identifying your business. It also helps in achieving the SEO ranking of the website. If you rank on Google’s first page then it will help in increasing the traffic and sales of your E-Commerce site. 


In shared hosting, you can install a limited number of applications or software. If you install large software, it will decrease the speed of your website. Thus, it reduces the traffic to the website.

In VPS Hosting, you can install any number of software on the website. It doesn’t slow down the speed of the website if you install heavy software on the website. Further, you also get the option to choose the operating system of the website. 

Overview of Serverwala’s VPS Hosting Canada

In the previous section, you learned about the benefits of VPS Hosting Canada. For the E-Commerce website, you need the best web hosting provider. So, Serverwala data center infrastructure solution provider falls under the category of providing the best web hosting services. It is known for providing the best VPS in Canada services. It provides the Cheap VPS Canada plans and packages among all web hosting providers. They provide the services like high speed and high uptime. You can thoroughly depend on them for the best services. 

Characteristics of Canadian VPS Hosting

  • You get a secured environment to access your website. Your website data is protected from unusual threats by providing you with ultra-secure firewalls.
  • You are provided with the SSD Disk Drive and unlimited bandwidth which also helps in increasing the performance of the website. 
  • The network equipment which helps in increasing the speed and uptime of the website is provided by Cisco and Juniper.
  • They are providing you with a wide range of pre-tested Supermicro Server which helps in monitoring and maintenance of the VPS Hosting Canada. 
  • They provide you the exceptional network connectivity worldwide through Equinix, Cogent, and Hurricane Electric.
  • Serverwala provides you with flexible resources that you can change your location at any time according to your business requirements. They have 70+ Datacenters/15000+ Racks Colocation facilities and they have 225+ points of presence worldwide. 
  • They are providing you with full equipment remote control via IPMI v2.0 and remote power management port through APC PDU.
  • Serverwala facilitates you by giving the 24/7 live answer. You don’t have to hold back from getting your queries resolved. If you have some technical issues regarding your server then you can call them directly. 

Plans for Linux and Windows in VPS Canada

Serverwala Data Center provides the Cheap VPS Canada plans and packages. The starting package of VPS Hosting Canada is $10. You can configure the other VPS Hosting plans and packages according to the requirement of the E-Commerce Site. Further, they have a strong team of technicians, engineers, and support staff ready to help you 24/7. 

Linux VPS Hosting Plan

Cheap VPS Canada Plan

Windows VPS Hosting Plan

Cheap VPS Canada Plan


In this article, you learned about the benefits of hosting your E-Commerce website with VPS Hosting Canada. Furthermore, you also came to know about Serverwala data center and its VPS Hosting Plans in Canada. Serverwala is one of the most entrusted data center service provider companies in the business world. They have served thousands of customers globally including some of the top companies included in the Fortune 100 list. 

To offer your E-Commerce website the best performance you must choose VPS in Canada by Serverwala.  


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