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Why Promote Your business on Social Media?

Social Media

Social media is one of the best places to build awareness of your brand online. It’s a major reason why businesses use social media promotion, but some other benefits of social media include that it can:

Target audiences with pinpoint precision:

Social media platforms know a lot about their users. If you promote your brand on social media, you can take advantage of that information to target your audience based on demographics such as age, location, preferences, behaviors, etc.

Reach new audiences similar to yours: Because of social media’s targeting power, you can easily target potential customers that have similar demographics to your current audience.

Send qualified traffic to your site: With social media advertising, you can easily direct traffic interested in your brand to your site to boost conversion rates.

Boost sales and leads: Social media platforms let you advertise your products and services. Many platforms even allow you to set up landing pages and stores directly on the platform (think Facebook Marketplace) so people can easily convert or buy.

Help you better understand your audience: With advanced targeting and tracking provided by social media platforms, you can more easily analyze the data and optimize your social media promotions to match your audience.

Provide quality means of engagement with your audience:

The social nature of social media platforms means people are eager to interact and engage with others. Considering that 74% of people follow brands on social media, you have ample opportunities to engage with your audience using social media.

Promoting on social media helps work towards gaining a substantial presence on social media so long as you’re willing to make consistency an integral part of your social media presence.

How to promote on social media

Are you ready to start promoting on social media? Follow these eight steps for promoting your brand!

  1. Choose your social media platform

The first step to promoting on social media is choosing the right social media platform. It takes some research to find where your audience likes to hang out, as well as some willingness to experiment and try different platforms.

There’s a wide variety of social media platforms to choose from, including:

Facebook: Facebook is the most widely used social media platform. With a massive user base of more than a billion users a day, there’s a high chance that you’ll be able to hit your target audience spot on when promoting. Use it to boost your brand awareness and encourage positive word-of-mouth about your brand.

Instagram: Instagram is a visually-based social media platform. This platform is great for using photos and videos to promote your products and brand. With 60% of users checking in daily, you can build up a fear of missing out (FOMO) with your promotions. With Instagram, you can make good use of appealing to the visual side of people.

Twitter: Twitter is an excellent platform for keeping your audience informed and engaged with your brand. Used by more than 20% of Americans, Twitter’s the best place for conversation-engaging posts and showing off your brand’s personality.

YouTube: Videos are valuable for increasing engagement and building brand awareness. YouTube is a great platform to create videos that you can share on other social platforms. By creating YouTube videos, you can increase brand association by as much as 139%.

Pinterest: Pinterest is the place to inspire your audience. Businesses use Pinterest to promote products and shopping experiences because 48% of American social media users use Pinterest to research products. Use Pinterest to drive traffic and sales. Like the packaging, the business has promoted different packaging styles like custom rigid boxes for promotion.

LinkedIn: This platform is a networking platform that allows professionals to connect with other professionals and businesses. LinkedIn is great if you’re a B2B company (80% of B2B social media leads come from LinkedIn) or want to promote products and services that appeal to people working in a particular industry, position, and more.

  1. Build up your brand on social media

The simplest way to promote your business on social media is to start building your brand on your platform of choice. The idea is to have a place on social media that provides enough information about you and your brand. When you promote on social media, people will want to know more about your brand’s personality and identity.

You can build your brand by following the steps to follow.

  1. Complete your profile

Your profile contains information about your business, and it’s where users will go when they want to know more details about your business. To do social media promotion successfully, you need to have your business information readily available on your profile.

The type of information you can add will vary with the platform, but generally, you should include:

Your brand name

A branded profile picture

Your company’s location

A link to your website

A link to your website

A short description of what your business does

Links to any other social media accounts you may have

  1. Integrate your logo

Your logo is what your audience will use to identify you on social media. Think about Target’s logo, the red bullseye (along with their cute terrier mascot, Bullseye), people can recognize it anywhere. On social media, your profile picture will stand out more than your profile name, so it’s essential to have a well-branded logo.

Your logo helps you improve your brand identity. It helps give your brand a personality, making it much easier for people to form a connection with your brand. It can also provide you with a source for the social media promotional material that people are excited to follow and engage with.

  1. Use hashtags with your content

Hashtags are a lot like keywords in search engine optimization (SEO). Users on social media use hashtags to find content that they find interesting. Using an industry-appropriate hashtag like #UrbanOutfitters or #coldbrewcoffee can help your audience find your brand on social media. Additionally, if you’re running a social media promotion campaign, use brand hashtags so users can easily find your promotional content. You also get free advertising whenever anyone else uses your branded hashtags.

  1. Post content on your social profiles

If you want to gain followers on social media, you must post content frequently and consistently. Consistency ensures your content reaches your audience, while high-quality, relevant, and authentic content gets your audience to engage.

Every social media promotion campaign needs content. From text posts to videos, your content is a reflection of your business and brand. The content you post on social media showcases your brand personality, so make sure that everything you post has a consistent look and feel.

  1. Use social media buttons to promote your profiles

Social media buttons are a great way to promote your social media presence outside of social media. You can add buttons for your social media networks to a wide variety of places. Some great areas for social media buttons include:


Blog posts

Website footer or sidebar

About pages

You’ll want to keep the size of your social media links in mind. In most cases, you want your social media links to be small but identifiable so people can easily navigate to the social page of interest.

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