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Wooden Bathroom Furniture

Used well, wood will make your bathroom a welcoming place that invites you to relax. Whether you choose it for your furniture, the floor or the walls, this living material has an art and a way to warm up the atmosphere. Light, dark or aged, choose the type of wood that will create the atmosphere you want. Before you start looking for your wooden bathroom, discover some tips to light your lantern. Where and how to use it? How to maintain it without damaging it? Which species of wood do you turn to? So many questions to which you will find your answers before you decide.

How to use wood well in a bathroom

Integrating wood into a bathroom can involve certain risks, in particular that of wanting to put too much or in the wrong place. To avoid these pitfalls, we give you some tips.

The floor and the walls

If you want to put wood on the wall, use only one wall or make sure there are breaks with other materials or furniture. For example, two wooden walls, one of which will accommodate a sleek double sink cabinet with mirrors. Another combination that works quite well is to put the same wood on the floor and on the wall of the washbasin cabinet for a nice highlight. Despite its warm side, a room entirely covered in wood will bring a feeling of suffocation, it’s up to you to use it sparingly to find the right balance.

Wooden bathroom furniture

Choosing wooden furniture for your bathroom is opening up a royal path to decoration. All styles are in the wood! First of all, the piece of furniture itself, which will sometimes look industrial with shell handles or rustic thanks to its mouldings. Do you like to change your style regularly? Opt for furniture with smooth wooden fronts and play with the color of the walls and the decoration for a personalized bathroom. Go for wood models on Homary.com. Be careful, if you like very dark wood, plan for light colors on the walls.

Decoration and accessories

A dominance of wood scares you? You can start to get used to its presence with small decorative touches. A laundry basket in a corner, a grating at the end of the shower or bathtub or a few hanging shelves. This may give you the desire to add more and take the plunge. Also remember that wood harmonizes wonderfully with other natural materials such as stone, wicker or rush. Enough to set up a small well-being space that exudes zenitude.

Maintenance of wooden bathroom furniture

For classic cleaning, simply use soapy water. Gently rub your furniture with a non-abrasive sponge, rinse and dry. It’s that simple. Above all, do not apply corrosive or acidic detergents such as acetone or ammonia, which will irreversibly damage the wood of your bathroom furniture. Pay particular attention to the choice of products for the maintenance of the faucets of your washbasin cabinet. If the faucet is placed on the wooden surface, it is important not to use a chemical anti-limestone. Prefer natural cleaners like baking soda and white vinegar.

Annual maintenance is recommended for the wood in your bathroom. Many tend to turn yellow or gray over time, give it a boost with the right treatment. Linseed oil will be your furniture’s best friend, in addition to nourishing the wood, its water-repellent properties will act as a protective film. You can also opt for a wood waterproofing agent that will refresh the surface of your furniture.

Choosing the type of wood for your bathroom

It is important to know that not all wood species are made to withstand humidity. Where some will be very resistant and well adapted, such as rot-proof wood, others will only tolerate water vapor very little. In order to prevent the wood in your bathroom from swelling or molding prematurely and retaining its charm, you can refer to the wood use classes. En özel ve reel kızlar Halkalı Escort Derya Seni Bekliyor | İstanbul Escort Bayan sizleri bu platformda bekliyor. There are 5 different classes. If you know its material and processing, you can determine which class it belongs to. You can also request this information from your salesperson.

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