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10 Amazing Reasons To Visit Kerala To Witness The Charm Of This State

Kerala is a beautiful state known as “God’s Own Country,” which should be on everyone’s trip wish list. In sharp contrast to busy locations like the Golden Triangle, India’s slower pace of life is the ideal introduction to the country. This magnificent state at the very bottom of India has a lot to offer, including mouthwatering cuisine, amazing wildlife, captivating culture, and enough to discover. We hope that our list of the top reasons to visit Kerala will encourage you to travel to the relaxed south for breathtaking landscapes and lots of sightseeing. You can explore the different cities of Kerala by just booking the Kerala family tour packages offered by Lock Your Trip

Kerala is surprisingly easy to reach thanks to direct flights from London and flights requiring just a single airport transfer from several important UK locations. If you’re confused about the ideal time to go, avoid the monsoon season from June till the end of August since it might be quite crowded in December and January. Our favourite time of year is the beginning of September when the lush greenery rises following a lengthy time of rain. In this blog, we will mention the best reasons to visit Kerala to encourage you. 

Kerala Cuisine

Time to fire your tastebuds with the first of our top ten reasons to visit Kerala. Kerala cuisine is extremely exquisite and something you will remember clearly from your vacation. Be ready for an explosion of flavors, stunning colors, and wonderful scents. Being a coastal state, many recipes use locally caught fish, but unlike many other places. There are also many vegetarian choices available. Keralan fish curry, Karimeen pollichathu (fried fish), Fish moilee, Malabar Parotta (pancakes), pumpkin and lentil stew, and Palada payasam, a rice pudding flavoured with cardamom are some of the regional dishes from Kerala. 

It’s possible that your meal will be served on a big green banana leaf and that homemade appam, roti, or dosa bread will be provided as well. By taking part in a local culinary demonstration. where you may learn about the preparation of meals before tasting them. You can truly come to know Keralan food.

Relaxing Backwaters

The lovely Kerala backwaters are a must-see on any journey to this state and are a labyrinthine network of lagoons, lakes, interconnecting canals, rivers, and inlets produced by more than 900 kilometres of waterways. As you float down the peaceful waterways. You will pass by wildlife, labourers in the rice fields, and locals busy at the water’s side. Spend the night on your own houseboat for a really spectacular experience. While your own private staff makes and serves your meals, you may leisurely float along.

Amazing Wildlife

A large range of animals, including the Asian Elephant, Bengal Tiger, Leopard, Sambar Deer, Langurs, Flying Squirrels, and around 453 different bird species, including endangered species like the Indian Grey Hornbill and Oriental Bay Owl, may be found in Kerala. Periyar National Park is one of Kerala’s largest reserves and is accessible by foot, vehicle, boat, or raft. If you’re lucky, you might be able to see a tiger there. A wildlife lover’s heaven, the Western Ghats is home to fourteen wildlife sanctuaries that are encircled by hiking paths. Additionally, there are several bird and wildlife sanctuaries to visit. There’s a possibility to see monkeys on the side of the road. 

Plantation Tour

Viewing a coffee, tea, or spice plantation is a highlight of every trip to Kerala. You may learn about the cultivation of enticing local spices, cooling tea, and speciality coffee as well as gets to taste them. The biggest plantations in the state are located in Munnar, Periyar, and Wayanad. There is nothing more enjoyable than strolling through a vivid field of green leaves in the sunshine while taking in the stunning surroundings. 

Beautiful Beaches

The chance to spend some time on gorgeous beaches is one of the benefits of travelling to a coastal state. Kerala’s beaches are beautifully maintained and provide breathtaking vistas. You can take it easy in a hammock, sunbathe, or take in a breathtaking sunset. Additionally, if you enjoy water activities, you may go kayaking, canoeing, windsurfing, parasailing, snorkelling, and water skiing. The nicest beaches in Kerala are Varkala. It’s row of beach shacks and stores, tranquil Marari Beach encircled by coconut forests, and Kovalam, with its jovial lighthouse. 

Great Sightseeing

In Kerala, there is enjoyment for everyone. The Western Ghats are located in God’s Own Country and are a recognised UNESCO World Heritage Site. This mountain range, which extends from Tamil Nadu across the majority of South India, predates the Himalayan mountains. This area of high biological diversity is home to a wide variety of flora and animals. There are expensive restaurants and bustling bazaars in Cochin, many of which have a colonial feel from British control. Both the Bekal Fort with its water features and Observation Tower offering panoramic views, as well as the prehistoric Edakkal Caves near Wayanad, are worth a visit to witness the stunning rock and wall sculptures. 

Interesting Culture

Kerala is brimming with amazing cultural diversity. Cochin is a combination of several cultures that depicts the state’s varied historical residents. See the Gothic Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica at Fort Kochi, the Jewish synagogue known for its stunning Chinese tiles, Belgian chandeliers, period furnishings, and Mattancherry Palace. It also known as the Dutch Palace, which features scenes from the Mahabharata and Ramayana in intricate frescoes and murals. Performance of the 17th-century classical dance Kathakali is the ideal way to round off an evening. Exaggerated face emotions are a characteristic of this captivating fusion of dance and drama. If you can get there early, you may be able to see the dancers put on their dramatic makeup. 

Healing Ayurveda

Why not decompress and unwind with a peaceful Ayurvedic treatment or massage after a long tour? Ayurveda, one of the oldest types of traditional medicine used in India for thousands of years, is well-known in Kerala. The term “Ayurveda” is derived from the words “Ayur” (which means “life”) and “Veda” (which means “science” or “knowledge”). In addition to treating illnesses, Ayurveda may help you relax and rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit. Many of our lodging options include Ayurvedic centres or spas.

Incredible Festivals

Kerala has a number of festivities and events throughout the year. This is one of the best reasons to visit Kerala. These elaborate parades with lavishly adorned sculptures, traditional and contemporary music and dance, religious ceremonies, and snake boat racing are just a few examples of the explosions of colour and culture that take place here. Onam, a 10-day harvest festival held in August or September in honour of King Mahabali, who brought happiness and wealth, and Theyyam, an 8000-year-old dance ritual illustrating stories from Indian mythology and legends, are two examples. There are events dedicated to well-being, yoga, and walking for a more relaxed experience. Participating in a festival is a terrific opportunity to celebrate with the community. It will provide you with lovely holiday memories and amazing photo chances. 

Explore The Hill Stations

Our list of reasons to visit Kerala concludes with its hill stations. Which are a fantastic option for something a bit different. You can seek refuge in the cooler hill stations during the sweltering summer months from the sun’s harsh beams. At Athirapally, there are lovely waterfalls that are around 80 feet high, and Thekkady offers nature excursions across its many woods and ecosystems. Discover unique flora and wildlife as well as tea, coffee, spice, and rubber plantations in Wayanad, and see the tea museum, rolling tea gardens, and the stunning Neelakurinji flower, which blooms only once every 12 years in Munnar. 

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