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10 Best Eid Gifts Ideas for Kids

What could be more precious than a smile on the children’s faces when they get their surprise gift? Nowadays, as kids seem to be getting smarter and smarter, finding gifts for kids ready to conquer the world has also become a challenge. You are on the right page if you are looking for awesome gift ideas. With growing technology, one might expect a kid to ask for a mobile phone or something. Don’t worry; we are not going to suggest it! As an alternative, gaming consoles are trendy. But yeah, we are not going to recommend that either. Rather, we will share some super cool eid gift ideas for kids, which are economical and fun!

1.  Interactive toys

While some kids like static toys, many kids are attracted to something sparkly, dynamic, and loud. Roll and learn turtle is one of the examples of such toys which not only catch kids’ attention and help in learning. These toys are perfect for younger kids. They include features like color glow and color-name sound when different buttons are pressed.

2.  Pottery clay kit

A clay pot kit is a great idea for older kids. It would enable your little artists to show off their art skills.

3.  Crayons kit and color book

Color books, stationery kits, and crayons never get old as kids’ gifts.

4.      Superhero costume or dress

Empower your kids and make them feel special. This Eid, you can bring them their favorite character’s costume. The princess dress is always a good idea for your little princess.

5.  Building blocks set

Kids like to build things. You will be amazed by their creativity while they happily create miniature building designs with these building blocks.

6.  Board games

Rolling dice in Ludo is a favorite hobby of kids. Why not bring their unique board games with a little adventure for the fantasy-loving kids? The magical board game with wizards, knights, and dragons would be a great surprise for them. Cauldron Quest and The Enchanted Tower are examples of fantasy-themed board games.

7.  Mini kitchen set

The cutest gift is a kitchen set with small mixing bowls, pancake mix, measuring cups, and a small, adorable apron. It will build confidence in children and help you bond with them while spending quality time in the kitchen.

8.  Music instrument

Colorful xylophones, small pianos, and music boxes are always popular among kids. Warning though! It will make your ‘work from home’ even crazier as these toys are irresistible. Be ready to hear your kids playing with these instruments!

9.  Invisible ink pen

An invisible ink pen is a fascinating idea for detective kids. Colorful vanishing inks are perfect for secret messages and spy games for kids.

10.  Watch

A watch is one of the treasured gadgets of kids. Remember Ben Ten’s Omnitrix? There are many more watch ideas for the kids. These watches also include more characters and features such as Pokemon stories.

Don’t forget the kids who can’t have all these gifts!

Did you like our eid gift ideas for kids? Of course, many kids out there never receive such amazing gifts, simply because they don’t have anyone to give them these gifts or the financial status of their parents is not good enough to endow them with such luxuries. Eid al Adha donations are being collected as we speak, and if you are planning to give your eid al Adha donations to a child charity, we have a plan for you. 

So, if you want to bring happiness to a little child’s life, maybe donating your dhul hijjah donations to an organization that is working for their welfare might be the best gift you can give to such a child. Transparent Hands is one such organization that works for the children’s welfare. It is an organization working hard to provide free health care facilities, not just to the Pakistani children but to all those patients in Pakistan who cannot afford their medical and surgical treatments. Now there is an idea, what do you say? We think this is the perfect dhul hijjah donation that you can make this year! 

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