15 Quality Video Download App On Android Phones

15 Quality Video Download App On Android Phones

15 Quality Video Download App On Android Phones

Bulletsaver Video Downloader

Bulletsaver is one of the most useful apps to download Youtube videos for Android. BY using this you can download videos from various sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other videos

Also, you have the choice to select the quality of the format you want to download. You also share the video of your choosing. This application is equipped with a UI so that the download speed can increase and is also supported by having different themes, night mode and more.

The free version of Bulletsaver is  available on the Play Store, but you can download the application below or buy it premium on the Play Store.


TubeMate is a great app for downloading videos via Android. This application has a pleasant appearance and is easy to use. This application is also equipped with a browser, so you can access the site you want to visit.

Apart from that, TubeMate also offers options for the quality and file format you want before you download it. In addition, the file will be automatically entered into the phone’s memory. You can also download Youtube in mp3 format, however, you need a converter application.


KeepVid is now also present in android and is one of the best apps to download videos from android. This application also has an above-average speed compared to other download applications.

In addition to downloading YouTube videos, this application can also download videos from 27 different sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and others. The KeepVid application is very easy to use, you can even download videos from YouTube into mp3 format without having to download additional devices.

snap tube

Snaptube is a trusted video download application for Android. Its comfortable and easy-to-use appearance makes you feel at home to download various videos from this application. In fact, you can also open YouTube from here and download it!

It is also an android application to download YouTube videos and you can choose the quality of the video before you download it. In addition, you can also directly share the downloaded video via Facebook, Twitter, and others.


Institute is also one of the coolest video download applications with superb speed. This application can also download videos from Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo, and others. Besides being able to be used for several platforms, the download speed is also commendable.

Just like other video download applications, to download YouTube videos, you can choose the quality of the video you want to download. In addition, you can add bookmarks to create a private page to hide videos. The only downside to this app is its pop-ads.


VidMate is an application to download YouTube videos and you can also search for files through categories such as movies, music, tv shows, or directly from the search field. Apart from that, you also set the location to save the file in the settings.

Another additional feature is that this application is equipped with encryption so that it can hide videos that you want to hide so that other people don’t see them.

YT3 Youtube Downloader

YT3 Youtube Downloader is one of the simplest apps to use. You can download YouTube videos in mp3 and MP4 formats. This application also features a preview button to peek at the song you want to download.

This application also has a download speed that deserves a thumbs up. In addition, the files you download will be automatically saved in the download folder on your cell phone.

In fact, this application can also display lyrics while you are listening to music and can also choose high or low quality for the file you want to download. Unfortunately, this application is only for downloading videos from the YouTube platform.


NewPipe is an application that invites users to feel the excitement of watching YouTube without ads or ads. The best thing that this application provides is that you can listen to the sound of the videos you watch on YouTube even if you are opening other applications on your cell phone.

The download speed is also capable and provides a wide selection of formats to use. This application also protects your privacy and does not store user data or analyze user searches. Even more fun, this app is free and there are no annoying pop-up ads.

FastVid: Video Downloader for Facebook

The next latest video download application, there is FastVid: Video Downloader for Facebook which can be relied upon to download videos on Facebook as the name suggests. This application has a simple interface so that it is easy for users to download videos.

How to download videos in this application is just one click away. You can search for the video on Facebook that you want to download. Then press download to get the video. Wait for a few second until the download is 

Video Downloader – Inshot

Inshot Inc. also issued an application for downloading videos that makes it easy for users to download and save videos. One of the advantages of this video application is that it has a fairly complete video format. You can download videos in mp4, m4v, MOV, avi, WMV, doc, mp3, m4a,  Xls, pdf, txt, and many more formats.

This application also has a lock feature so that not just anyone can download it randomly. Users can download videos with HD resolution for each downloaded video.

All Video Downloader

All Video Downloaders are certainly not to be missed for people who like to download videos. This app is available on PlayStore and users can download videos with a few easy steps. Practical and free are the advantages of All Video Downloaders.

You can download videos from the internet, simply by copying and pasting the video url address. Furthermore, users can download according to the copied URL by pasting the URL.

Download Manager for Android

Download Manager is a fast video downloader app. The developer of this application claims that Download Manager for Android is able to download 3 times faster than other applications. In fact, this application is able to download various kinds of files on the internet without any format or size restrictions.

With an easy and simple interface, you can download videos easily and practically. In addition, this application is supported by files in javascript format. So that you are not curious, download the application directly.

All Video Downloader 2019

All Video Downloader 2019 is able to download all types of videos such as MPK, AVI, MP4, MKV, FLV, WMV, and MPG formats. The interface is also simple and can be used by anyone.

This video download application also does not provide any restrictions so you can freely download as many videos as you want. You can also choose the video resolution according to your taste or needs.

HD Video Downloader App – 2019

The next best video download application is HD Video Downloader App 2019 which offers super complete video download options. You can choose the resolution, format, and others. There is also an integrated player so you can watch videos online or offline.

This Youtube video download application has a myriad of features that allow you to pause, resume, or delete downloads. In fact, you can also directly save the downloaded file to the SD Card through this application.

BlueSaver Video Downloader

Finally, there is Video Downloader which is not much different from other video downloader applications. So you can download various types of favorite videos from the internet. You can manage and control the videos that will or have been downloaded.

Pause and resume features are also available during the download process which you can use. Video Downloader is easy to use for all types of people. So that you are not curious, just try this YouTube video download application.

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