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4 Lifts Everyone Should Include in Their Workouts at Concord Gyms

It seems like someone somewhere is always coming up with new exercises. Some exercises are trendy for a bit but fade into the background. Others have stood the test of time, helping people build strength and improve their overall well-being. If you’re a member of one of the best Concord gyms, you have access to the equipment necessary to complete these tried and true movements. You can think of them as your “desert island lifts” or lifts that stay in your routine no matter what. They are the lifts that everyone should make part of their workout, no matter where they are or what their goals are. Here are a few to know about, along with the benefits of each.

Try Deadlifting in Concord Gyms

It’s hard to go wrong with deadlifting. Whether you’re trying to reach new strength goals or just want to feel functionally strong, you should try deadlifting. In its simplest form, deadlifting is picking up the bar and putting it down, with special attention to your core, legs, and back. That’s why you’ll see tons of weightlifters deadlifting in the best Concord gyms and virtually any other gym on the planet. Many refer to the deadlift as the “King of Lifts,” and it’s even a core part of Olympic weightlifting. Start small, and be sure to maintain proper form and work to add more weight over time.

Don’t Forget the Classic Bench Press

The best El Dorado Hills gyms and health clubs, just like the highest-quality Concord gyms, are going to have a variety of equipment available for bench pressing. That’s because the bench press is one of the most effective upper-body lifts. It is also among the most popular exercises in the world. The bench press works your deltoids, triceps, and your pectorals. You can also try different variations to help you achieve your goals. Try higher weight, lower reps for overall strength, or vice versa for size. You can also experiment with incline and decline bench pressing, in addition to dumbbell and barbell variations.

Get Back to Basics with the Bent-Over Row

Both El Dorado Hills gyms and Concord gyms and health clubs should have the equipment you need for the bent-over row. There’s a good reason for that—the bent-over row is among the simplest lifts. All that you need for it is a barbell. The bent-over row is a critical lift because it helps strengthen and stabilize the back while testing your core muscles. Upper body lifting can tend to focus more on front muscles like the chest and arms. That can create a muscle imbalance that bent-over row lifts can help alleviate. Plus, a strong back is a vital part of any strategy to avoid back pain and back injury later in life.

Shoulder Gains with the Overhead Press

The overhead press continues to rival the deadlift and bench press as one of the lifts that powerlifters, bodybuilders, and functional strength trainers, in general, consider an absolute must. You can perform this exercise with either a barbell or dumbbells. With the weight in front of you, start with bent elbows and the bar or dumbbells at shoulder height. Then, press up with a smooth and even force while keeping your core tight and back straight. Over time, you can start to experience progress in the strength and size of your shoulders, particularly your front delts.

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