5 Questions to Ask When Shopping for Outdoor Blankets for Your Family

We are all eager to get outside and enjoy the outdoors with our families this summer. Unsurprisingly, outdoor blankets are on top of many family must-have lists for the season. Getting yourself and your little ones outside to enjoy the fresh air is a summer activity you don’t want to miss out on. Whether you’re setting up a picnic in the backyard or heading to the beach, time outside makes the best childhood memories. So, when you’re shopping for the outdoor blanket that will suit your family best, keep these five questions in mind.

What Should I Expect From High-Quality Outdoor Blankets?

An outdoor blanket should be durable yet soft to the touch. Look for a blanket that can withstand everything from dirt and sand to concrete and grass. You’ll want a padded blanket to ensure it is soft and comfortable for your family. With all that time spent outdoors, your blanket is bound to get a little dirty. Always look for a machine washable outdoor blanket to make cleaning up a little easier.

Is it Easy to Transport?

Picnics in the backyard are always a fun way to spend the afternoon. But you want to be able to pack up your outdoor blankets and bring them anywhere with you. You should easily be able to take your outdoor blanket camping in the woods or nestled in the sand at the beach as well. Look for an outdoor blanket that quickly folds up into a bagless, compact design that easily fits in any trunk space. The best ones have straps built in that make it easy to carry wherever you want to take it.

Can It Fit My Whole Family?

When it comes to the size of your outdoor blankets, it’s always better to have more room than not enough. Look at the dimensions of the blanket you’re thinking about buying and conceptualize which size is best for your family. Remember that a larger blanket will give you more room for snacks, toys, and other important family essentials.

Is It Water-Resistant?

Both weather and babies can cause unpredictable messes. Juice and food spills are so common it’s second nature to keep some clean-up supplies on hand. Look for water-resistant outdoor blankets so you can be prepared for any oopsie that might happen. Whether it’s sudden summer rain or picnics in the park, your outdoor blanket should be able to handle whatever comes next.

Will My Family Love the Design?

Look for outdoor blankets with beautiful designs that you and your family will love. No one wants to bring their outdoor blanket out and about if they don’t like how it looks. Plus, a fun and unique design on your blanket can act as a visual marker. This helps your little ones find home base when they are off playing in the park or at the beach. When you pick an outdoor blanket with a beautiful, hand-painted design, your go-to blanket for the outdoors will look just as adorable as your family.

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