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5 Reasons That Makes Wall Hung Toilet a Better Choice

Difference Between a Floor Standing and Wall Hung Toilet.

Are you planning to replace or install a new toilet in the bathroom? There are many toilet choices to choose from. Generally, you will have to either choose between a toilet that sits on the floor or the one that fits on the wall. Each of these choices has its pros and cons. That is important to know before making a choice. If you want a stylish, aesthetically pleasing, and minimalist bathroom, then a wall-mounted toilet may be preferred. But what are these and why you should prefer them is the topic of our blog. 

5 Reasons That Makes Wall Hung Toilet a Better Choice

These toilets come in three separate parts. These include a toilet pan, cistern, and a carrier frame. The bowl has no pedestal or links to the floor, while the cistern fits on the career frame, which is installed inside the wall. So, the bowl is fitted on this carrier frame.

Difference Between a Floor Standing and Wall Hung Toilet.

There are a few major differences between wall-hung toilets and floor-standing toilets. The first one is that the wall-hung toilets have hidden cistern walls the close coupled have exposed one. But btw that sits on the floor has also concealed a cistern. That means you have an option to pick and choose the bowl as per your choice. In addition to that, a floating-style toilet has minimum projection inside the bathroom. That allows you to save space. Other than that, the wall-hung toilets have a futuristic minimalist design, making them a perfect choice for cloakrooms and small bathrooms. 

Space Saving

Wall-hung toilets are attached to the wall. That means these fit above the ground at a distance and will have zero contact on the floor. It makes the floor underneath these toilets empty and accessible. In addition to that, the cistern is concealed inside the wall. Which saves precious ground floor space for other fixtures. Moreover, it makes your bathroom look more spacious than it is. Such toilets are minimalist with less projection inside and look aesthetically pleasing while being highly functional at the same time. Less clutter than a standard close-coupled or a back to wall toilet makes them a perfect choice for the small bathrooms or cloakrooms. The same minimalist trend is what makes them a suitable choice for all types and sizes of contemporary bathrooms. 

Better Hygiene

Hygiene has been the biggest concern for most people during the COVID-19. All of us want to keep our environment hygienic as much as possible. However, it requires us to occasionally clean our hands and disinfect the things we use on a daily basis. And that’s what makes floating toilets a preferred choice over the close coupled as well as back-to-wall toilets. Wall hung toilets are easier to clean and maintain because you only have a toilet bowl to take care of in terms of cleaning. While on the other hand, the close coupled or a back to wall toilet has more surface or area to clean due to exposed cistern and pipes that can easily accumulate dirt and grime. That’s why you often see such toilets in hotels and other public places. 

Aesthetically Pleasing

You can easily count on wall hung toilets when it comes to the looks. These are easily the most aesthetically pleasing choice in comparison to close coupled and back to wall toilets. Its attractive design is due to its minimalist look where no pipework or any part except the toilet bowl remains visible. Therefore, if you are looking for the most aesthetically pleasing and clean looks in the bathroom, then a floating style toilet should be your preferred choice. 

Style Choice

The wall-hung toilet comes in two parts. The first one is a toilet bowl, and the second is a cistern. You can get both parts in the same package separately, depending on your choice. This makes it much easier to find the toilet bowl you want in the bathroom. And there are many choices available for you to choose from. 

Sturdy and Durable

Contrary to popular belief, wall-hung toilets are sturdy and durable. As only the toilet bowl is visible, you should not expect any wear and tear from use in the cistern. Even though the strength and the weight of its hidden metal frame vary, it bears around 200 KG of weight. That makes it suitable for all-around usage. 

Final Thoughts

No other toilet can beat wall-hung toilets when it comes to saving space in the bathroom. That makes them a perfect choice for small bathrooms and cloakrooms. Other advantages include the luxury look, contemporary style, modern features, and better hygiene are on top of the list.

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