6 Best Scholarships to Study Abroad

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Many overseas students dream of completing their higher education overseas. However, most of them fail to realize/fulfill their dream of studying overseas. This is because the tuition fee of overseas universities is very high. Luckily, there are a few scholarship programs using which you can easily manage/cover your cost of studying abroad. Keeping this in mind, today we are sharing with you the list of the six best study abroad scholarships.

Erasmus Mundus Scholarship

The aim of this scholarship program is to increase cooperation between European countries and other countries in the world. This scholarship program is for students who want to pursue their master’s in the Europe or UK.  Moreover, the scholarship program helps foreign students pay for their expenses like:

  • Travel expenses
  • Tuition fee
  • Installation expenses
  • Monthly expenses, etc.

But to apply for the Erasmus Mundus scholarship student may require to get a certain academic score. To learn more about the Erasmus Mundus scholarship program feel free to contact our study abroad consultants.

Ontario Trillium

Ontario Trillium scholarship is for students who want to pursue their doctoral in Ontario, Canada. But to apply for the scholarship you must have completed your PG. Moreover, you must have at least 80% marks in your final exams to qualify for the scholarship. The Ontario Trillium scholarship program provides financial support worth CAD 40,000 for four years. Plus, the scholarship also covers the tuition fees as well as other expenses of the students.  So, if you are considering pursuing your education in Ontario then you must apply for this Ontario Trillium scholarship.

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship is for students who want to complete their doctoral in Canada. But to become eligible for the scholarship you must pursue your doctoral in the field of national science, humanities, etc. Furthermore, the Vanier Canada Graduate scholarship provides financial support worth CAD 50,000 for three years. Apart from this, to become eligible for the scholarship you must have done your PG. Plus you must also have got good marks in your PG.

Ritish Chevening Scholarships

Ritish Chevening scholarship is one of the best overseas education scholarships. The scholarship provides financial help to foreign students who want/wish to complete their PG from British universities.  Furthermore, the scholarship covers around 12,000+ academic programs at 150+ universities. However, to become eligible for the scholarship you must pursue your PG in fields like innovation, cyber security, etc. Apart from this, the student/candidate must also have an exceptional academic background to get this scholarship.

OCSI Scholarship

Students at any academic level can apply for an OCSI scholarship. The OCSI scholarship provides financial assistance to students who wish to study at Oxford/Cambridge University. However, the grant that you get under this scholarship program may vary from one year to another. Furthermore, you must be a minimum of 30 years old and should have an amazing academic background to apply for the scholarship.

Tata Scholarship

Tata scholarship program makes it very easy for students to pursue their UG studies at Cornell University.  Every year around 20 scholars get the Tata scholarship. Tata scholarship covers the entire cost of education for students. However, the grant is given to students yearly. To get this UG scholarship:

  • You must have completed your secondary school/education in India
  • Applicant must have got an admission offer from Cornell University
  • You must have a remarkable academic background. To learn about other perquisites for applying for this scholarship feel free to contact our best abroad education consultants in India.


These are some of the most popular scholarship programs that can help you reduce your cost of education overseas. So, make sure you go through the details of these scholarship programs in depth. These overseas scholarship programs can drastically reduce your financial burden and make your education abroad a lot more affordable/economical.

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