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7 Types Of Necklaces You Must Have In Your Jewellery Box

Necklaces stand out as one of the most treasured jewellery pieces among women. The delicate yet dazzling gems and jewels immediately bring a wide smile to their faces. They elevate the style quotient and show a tint of your personality very efficiently. Whether you want a vintage, minimal, or modern look, you can choose from a plethora of necklaces to spruce your style. From a layered necklace to a dangle choker necklace, you won’t be able to resist but adore its flashy charm. However, if you are unsure which neckpieces will define your neckline perfectly, you must know some amazing necklaces you shouldn’t miss out on in your jewellery box.

Must-Have Necklaces In Your Wardrobe:

Gemstone Pendant

When you wear a gorgeous piece of a gemstone on your neck, it portrays royalty at its best. The vibrant and vivid colors make this Pendant a desirable accessory among women. Moreover, this Pendant’s beauty comes alive when you match an elegant outfit with an exquisite gemstone pendant. Not to mention, this gemstone necklace can heal wounds and ailments too. From sapphires to rubies, jade, and emerald, there are loads of options in gemstones for you to unravel.

Statement Pendant

As the name suggests, a statement necklace is a work of pristine art that used to be a very treasured possession among royal families and emperors earlier. The gorgeous statement necklaces blend sterling silver metal and bold beads. In recent times, you can find the best sterling silver jewellery online to make a style statement. The defined shape of the Pendant implies that it is a reflection of your personality. The radiance of the necklace sparkles with any personal message, name, or engraving on it. The best part is if you like wearing earrings over necklaces, then choosing statement necklaces is the best way to do it.

Chain Necklace

Chain necklaces are an admirable piece of jewellery these days. The simplicity of combined chains in a loop-like structure looks very attention-grabbing even without a gemstone. These necklaces have become quite a rage among youth today especially. The eye-catching chain patterns of the delicate chains look fancy with the one sheath dress. You can wear them with any dress or a basic athleisure ensemble; they will always look glam. These are very fine pieces of jewellery that you can wear to any occasion or random, casual outings.

Choker Necklace

These necklaces are the epitome of grace and elite. This petite and very fine piece of jewellery is a symbol of celebrating womanhood and femininity. Since they fit the neckline perfectly, they became extremely popular in the 19th century. Moreover, even today, the craze for this necklace is still fresh and alive as this gorgeous necklace looks extremely stunning with low-cut necklines and off-shoulder evening gowns. There are various options like a dangle choker necklace, a dazzling pearl choker, and many more to bring back the fashion of the pop culture of the 90s.

Sautoir Necklace

The tassel ends with loose hanging chains in small beads, making the sautoir necklace a timeless jewel. These necklaces were a huge status symbol among french aristocrats in the 18th century. Since then, gorgeous necklaces have become a fashion cult among folks. Soon, the jewellery makers started creating these necklaces with expensive metals like gold, silver, and diamond. They are supremely versatile, and you can wear them with any outfit. Moreover, you can add layers of multiple necklaces to add an interesting twist. Opting for neck chains with big pieces of gemstones will give your neck and collarbones more volume.

Princess Necklace

The princess necklaces are fancier and longer as compared to the choker necklaces. They are usually 18-inch necklace that ends the focal rhinestone just a little below the collarbone. There is almost always never a dull moment with these extremely glitzy neckpieces. Jewellery makers embellish the necklace with elegant patterns made in silver and diamond. The fancy and glistening shapes make these necklaces a fashion statement now more than ever. If you are going out for a formal lunch or an evening party, complimenting your dress with these intricate necklaces will draw everyone’s eyes.

Pearl Pendant

Pearls are a symbol of fortune and blessings in many traditions. This evergreen necklace is like a hidden treasure in almost every woman’s closet. The natural colors and minimalistic jewellery design make it perfect for any outfit. They are versatile and available in many styles to suit every occasion and event. Whether you wear them with an ethnic ensemble or a party gown, they will always leave a little sparkle and magic. To make a glamorous appearance, buy a pearl necklace in sterling silver. There are daisy patterns, evil eyes, and more amazing collections of sterling silver jewellery online.


Necklaces are a dynamic yet evergreen accessory that women can never get enough of. However, if you want to share a special bond with your neckpieces, you can customize them according to your preference and the memory you cherish the most. Moreover, considering recent jewellery trends, you can also consider buying some elegant pendant sets with earrings. As gone are the days when pendants and necklaces were expensive. However, you can always find such modern and versatile jewellery easily today.

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