Advantages and Disadvantages of Rebuilding a House

On countless occasions, the dream of designing and building a custom-made house comes up against the impediment of not being able to find a suitable plot for our interests.


Either by location or by possible difficulties at the time of construction. If you are going to rebuild your house, you are in the right place. Here you will know the advantages and disadvantages of rebuilding a house.

When building, this will have a decisive impact on the appearance, rebuilding in shiraz situation, and design of the house itself. That is why, on many occasions, we will find that our dream plot is encountering some inconvenience that makes our dream house cannot be built. But, what if there is the dream plot only that you already have a house in it?


The eternal doubt established when we are faced with this case. Will it be better to make a comprehensive reform or build? We make a list of the advantages and disadvantages of rebuilding a house:


Advantages of rebuilding a house

  • I adapt to a structure made. So, the design is limited, but it is also simplified.
    The architect project and the construction management will be more economical.
  • The license will be of minor work, with the consequent saving.
  • If you do not have to touch structure, isolation or internal distribution, you will achieve significant savings compared to construction from scratch.

Disadvantages of rebuilding a house

  • It is necessary to adapt, to a greater or lesser extent, to a specific and previous housing concept.
  • As soon as the house is more than 10 years old. It is probable that we will find important deficits at the level of insulation and sealing.
  • In longer-lived housing, the structural problems can be very relevant. Leaks that have penetrated, bad installations, etc.

Following the current CTE, there are many requirements. That did not exist in the old Technical Codes related to the use of materials harmful to health, pollutants. It does not comply with the regulations of resistance against inclement weather or possible eventualities such as fires, earthquakes, etc.

Advantages of tearing down and building

We can design and build the home we want without having to stick to a previous distribution or structure.



In many cases, elements of the previous construction can be reused, from materials to foundations, through swimming pools, annexes, etc.

The cost of demolition is usually not as high as one might imagine. We can be talking about figures around 20,000 euros depending on the size. The price increase usually comes when we find dangerous or harmful materials that have to be removed by specialized companies, something that in any case we would have to do also if we made a reform.



We will have a much more efficient home simply because we stick to the current Technical Building Code. If in addition what we want to build is a wooden house, this efficiency would multiply.



The current construction methodologies result in much safer and more durable homes. As well as healthy and respectful of the environment.

Disadvantages of tearing down and building

The architectural project and the execution of work. In most cases, will have a higher cost than in reforms.



The same will happen with the Municipal License, which will have to be a major work.



The movements of earth and adequacy of the land for foundations and landscaping of the previous construction can mark much the design limitations of the future housing.

In principle, it will be more expensive to build from scratch than to reform, although it will not always be so necessary.

The times will be greater than in a reform

So, taking into consideration the above conditions, it is clear that it is not an easy choice to reform a house or tear it down and build it. Yes, it is true that, if the main criterion that we are going to follow is the cost, there is no reason to be an excessive difference as soon as we have to carry out structural and draft reforms that go beyond a simple facelift. the House. So, if we have the plot of our dreams but not the house of our dreams, the bet to build our ideal home will always be a winner.

An example of a house demolished to build

Therefore, a demolition of the existing construction was carried out. From there, the foundations of the house were used for the design that, taking into account that basis. Comply with the tastes and requirements of the owners. In the end, the house ends up being the dream house in the dreamed environment.

Now, your concepts are clear about rebuilding a house. Decide, what do you do?

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