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So, if you are a car freak, you are clearly familiar with all the buzz that is going around with the feature of AMT, now we understand that you are obviously a car geek yourself, but you might not always have the time to sit through and follow various videos or articles or sources to understand what this buzz is about. We understand. Thus, we as a helping hand and also as fellow car geeks are here to help you guys out by accumulating all the necessary data regarding AMT, so that you can save yourself a little time and in case, you are looking out for opportunities to buy yourself one, you can utilise it wholly, efficiently and effectively. So, here is the basic of automated manual transmission cars.

What is the meaning of Automated Manual Transmission:

Automated Manual Transmission or more popularly known as AMT. It is something which has also been widely popularised as Semi-Automatic Transmission. Which abbreviates to SAT or Clutch less Manual Transmission which abbreviates to CMT. As one can clearly understand as hinted at the name in itself.

An AMT is necessarily an automated method whose prime function is to automate, The sorts manual transmissions that resides in the car. Precisely the function of manually pressing the clutch or shifting the gears. These all will no longer be dependent on the driver instead would be automated. There are two types of AMTs that are found in the market. One is single-clutch and the other one is dual-clutch. Statistically the dual clutch has been so far proven to be able to provide better performance. While single cutch is surely far more economical.

What is Automated Manual Transmission?

AMT or Automated Manual Transmission is actually. If spoken in the mechanical terms is found to be similar to any sort of manual transmission. But the differentiating factor lies in its sensors and in its clutch pedal.

So a car which is conducted of AMT does not contain a clutch pedal. There, in the car resides only the accelerator and the necessary brake pedal. The interesting factor of AMT is that it also allows manual gearshifts, when it is required.

How does Automated Manual Transmission or AMT transmission work?

AMT Transmission cars, or these sorts of transmissions use a material called hydraulics and further uses the computers linked with the ECU of the car which is the Electronic Control Unit.  The
automatic clutches of automated transmission cars are designed in a way which guarantees high safety and security. Ensuring that even if you are not opting for the manual gears or manual transmission of sorts, you are in safe hands.

 Obviously, as our suggestion we would suggest all of you to still always first enquire and understand the automated transmission the particular company is using from whom you would buy the car and stay updated. However, it also is necessary to conclude that opting for an automated transmission would surely change your life and might end up being one of the best decisions of your life


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