Apostille: Importance and Procedure

Apostille Documents

A chance to live and work abroad is a golden opportunity that no one wants to pass up. But when you have a lot of chances, you also have a lot of responsibilities. When moving to a new country, you can’t avoid paperwork at any cost, even though it’s a tough job. Apostille Attestation in Chennai and other Indian cities. Let’s talk more about the birth certificate and the Apostille procedure.

What is a birth certificate, and why do you need an Apostille for a birth certificate?

A birth certificate is a very important document that proves a person was born. It shows the person’s name, the time and place of their birth. A birth certificate shows that a person is who they say they are, and it also lets all Indian citizens use a wide range of services that the Indian government offers to its citizens. Now, if an Indian or someone from another country wants to take advantage of the same benefits overseas, they need an Apostille on their birth certificate.

How do you get an Apostille on a birth certificate?

First, a Notary Public verifies that a document is real. But you don’t have to do this step, and only a few documents require it. Give your paper to a public notary to get the stamp.

Authentication from the Home Department

Second, the state where the person was born will check the birth certificate and other personal documents. The Chamber of Commerce and the Human Resource Development each sign off on the business and education documents.

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MEA Apostille

The last step is for the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) of India to put an Apostille on the birth certificate. The MEA is the only organisation in India that can Apostille Indian documents, and it charges Rs. 50 per document. It’s understandable that not everyone knows how to do this, which is why you should leave this job to the experts. You can easily find a lot of companies in Chennai and other parts of India that offer MEA Apostille services.

What Does An Apostille Sticker Look Like?

  • An apostille sticker is attached at the behind of any type of original file
  • An apostille sticker label is produced by a computer system and also is square-shaped. In dimension, it is of approx 9cm
  • The Apostille sticker label has a distinctive identification number.
  • The identification number assists the authorities of the country that become part of the substantial convention to confirm the details that are mentioned in a paper. It additionally helps them to see the authenticity of the documents.
  • An Apostille Sticker label is signed up, numbered, dated and also impressed with the government official seal.
  • There is no deed for interest for the nations that accept the apostille of documents. There is no need to entail the consular office for apostille purposes.

What are the Documents Required For Apostille?

For the process of apostille, the primary file is followed by many other papers for the completion of the process. Several of the files are discussed listed below:

Files and also certificates associated with education and learning

Marksheet and also certification of 10th and also 12th
Degree certificate of college graduation
Marksheet or level certificate of post-graduation
These papers will certainly get verified by the HRD (Human Resource Development) Department at state-level confirmation.

Records and certificates that bring personal or non-educational information

The birth certificate that helps in stating the nationality
The Marriage certificate will certainly help in verifying the marriage standing
These personal files will certainly be verified by the State Residence Division at state-level verification.

Extra Files that sustain the process –

Copy of Aadhar Card
Passport-size photographs
Photocopy of visa
Application receipt of Key

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