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Avoid Plagiarism with These 5 Simple Ways

When you are creating content, third-party resources can be extremely helpful. You can use various books, or websites to collect information on your subject and create high-quality content.

However, sometimes the ‘resource” method backfires if you don’t follow the rules of using third-party resources. Because if you are not careful enough, you might end up copying other people’s text. And we all know how plagiarism can harm your content and your overall your whole website.

So, you need to avoid copyright issues at any cost. Here is how you can avoid plagiarism and create high-quality content to help your website.

What is plagiarism?

The word “Plagiarism” comes from Latin Plagiarius which refers to a kidnapper who entraps children in a plaga (net). Later, the Roman poet Martial used the term Plagiarius to refer to someone who tried to steal his work or tried to claim ownership of his work.

Plagiarism has become a well-known word in the present time, especially on the internet. Many unethical users steal other people’s online content and use them as their own without crediting the real owners.

5 ways to write plagiarism-free content

When you are writing content, you might always feel like “what if I am unintentionally stealing someone else’s work?” While this thought keeps you conscious of stealing, you can easily avoid plagiarism.

Here are 5 efficient ways to avoid unintentionally stealing someone else’s content and writing your unique text

  1. Rewrite/paraphrase

It’s alright if you don’t have a completely unique idea for your next content. But you can’t just copy/paste some text and pass it off as your own, can you? So, paraphrasing is the best thing you can do without hurting your head.

Choose the content you find best for your topic and rewrite the text in your style. You can also use an online article rewriter tool to effortlessly rewrite your content.

Keep one thing in mind though, the goal of rewriting is to alter the text while keeping the original meaning intact. So, make sure your paraphrasing tool keeps that promise.


  1. Give credit to original author sources

People can easily avoid plagiarism if they credit the sources. Sometimes you need references to validate your argument, but the problem occurs when you don’t cite the sources.

When you are not using your own text, cite the source and you’ll not only avoid plagiarism, but your content will also get some validity.


  1. Use quotation marks

We often use famous people’s quotes in our content to make them more interesting or for some other reason. You can use quotes in your content whenever you need some. But remember to use quotation marks while quoting other people to avoid plagiarism.


  1. Mix your ideas

You can make your content more reader-friendly if you add some of your own words along with the paraphrased text. Your own perspective can add some value to the content as well as decrease the risk of plagiarism.


  1. Plagiarism checker tool

Even after taking all measures to avoid plagiarism, you might end up copying some texts. It happens often; after all, there are only so many words we know.

However, if you use an online plagiarism tool you can easily find the matching text.

Plagiarism checker displays both unique and plagiarized parts of your content. So, you can easily replace the matched text with some unique text.


Hopefully, these suggestions above will help you to avoid plagiarism and create unique content easily. For the best result, try to follow all of the tips whenever needed.


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