Best Video Streaming Service (Netflix Alternative).

Best Video Streaming Service (Netflix Alternative). Three major streaming service providers have saturated the market for video streaming platforms: Netflix, Hotstar and Amazon Prime TV. Different streaming platforms are required by viewers, as there is a growing demand for Indian online streaming services. This is especially true during the pandemic, when many people stay indoors. his blog will discuss the various OTT platforms that Indian viewers have not yet explored.

Best Video Streaming Service (Netflix Alternative).

  • Disney+
  • Quibi
  • BritBox
  • ErosNow
  • YouTube Originals
  • Crunchyroll
  • MX Player
  • Voot
  • Zee5

What can you binge-watch while locked down? You have another weekend ahead of you, so make sure to check out these streaming services online.


Disney+ cannot be accessed as an OTT service on its own. It can only be accessed via a Hotstar premium account. You can stream all your favorite Disney movies and shows as well as other Disney licensed content such Star Wars, Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, Pixar movies and National Geographic shows. All Disney classics such as Peter Pan, The Little Mermaid and Dalmatian 101 are available for children. Young audiences can also watch movies that are more action-oriented and emotionally mature, such as Pirates of the Caribbean or Lone Ranger.The Disney+ catalog has been updated to reflect the Disney’s recent acquisition of the 20 Century Fox and Hulu catalogues.

There are many movies and web series that appeal to all ages. All Disney classics such as Peter Pan, The Little Mermaid and Dalmatian 101 are available for children. Young audiences can also watch movies that are more action-oriented and emotionally mature, such as Pirates of the Caribbean or Lone Ranger.

Price: Disney+ Hotstar VIP cost Rs. The price for Disney+ Hotstar Premium is Rs1499/- and 399/year.

30 Day Free Trial

Most Popular Shows: Mandalorian. Zootopia. That’s So Raven. Ducktales.

Genres Animations, Sci-Fi and Documentary, Wildlife, Sport streaming

Compatible Devices: Windows, Mac OS, Android, iPhones, Smart TVs, etc.

Number Supported Devices 1


Quibi is a mobile video streaming service that offers short-form videos. Quibi’s content is a collection of original, bite-sized movies or shows. Quibi’s goal is to entertain users with high-quality, fast-paced content. The OTT platform is associated with prominent entertainment industry figures like Liam Hemsworth, Christoph Waltz, and Corey Hawkins.

This streaming service’s catalog is broken down into three categories.

  1. Movies in Chapters – Feature-length stories in chapters, ranging from 7-10 minutes long.
  2. Unscripted and Docs: This includes a variety of life topics such as fashion, travel, food, animals, cars, builds or music.
  3. Daily Essentials: These are 5–6 minute quick bites of news and entertainment.

These three categories allow for seamless catalog surfing as all the genres have been carefully curated. Quibi OTT enhances viewing experience by offering easily consumable content.

Price: Rs669/- per month

Free Trial:90 Days

Popular Shows: Survive, I Promise, Thanks a Million & Music, etc.

Genres Slice of Life, Cooking, Music, Drama, Suspense, Action

Compatible Devices:Android, iPhone

One device per account:


BritBox is an online streaming platform created by BBC and ITV. The streaming service is only available in the west, but it can be accessed in India via Apple TV Plus. This OTT service offers exclusive British TV series and movies from the main UK public service broadcasters. It features content from BBC, ITV and Channel 4 as well as Channel 5.

BritBox is an online streaming service that allows you to stream popular British shows such as The Office UK version and Dickensian. This streaming service brings the Victorian experience to your screen.

Price: Rs99 per month (Apple TV subscription)

Free Trial Three Months

Most Popular Shows: Pride and Prejudice. Dr Who. Vera, Absolutely Fabulous. Cold Feet.

Genres: Detective, Comedy, Drama, Satire

Compatible Devices: Android, Windows, Mac, iPhone

1 device per account:1 devices


ErosNow, an online streaming service that is owned by Eros International Media, a Bollywood production and distribution company, was launched in 2012.offers a unique Indian cinema experience with a wide selection of mainstream and non-mainstream movies. ti also offers a wide range of original content. This OTT service offers content in many local languages, including Telugu and Bengali, Kannada and Gujrati.

ErosNow offers a streaming music platform that allows you to listen to all the top Bollywood and regional songs. Over 12,000 digital titles are available on the movie streaming site, which includes TV shows, music videos and more than 250,000 music tracks. ErosNow is a great video streaming site to view high-quality “desi” content.

Price: ErosNow Plus Rs49/month, ErosNow Premium Rs. 99/- per month

Free Trial: 14 Days

Most Popular Shows: Flip and The Investigation. Modi: The Journey of a Common Man.

Genres Bollywood Kollywood Tellywood, Web Series

Compatible Devices: Windows, Android, Mac, iPhones

Number Of Devices:2 per account

      YouTube Originals

formerly known as YouTube Red, is a premium subscription-based streaming platform that gives you access to original web series.  Originals offers an ad-free Genyoutube download mp3 experience and access to  Music. Originals lets you watch all original series, movies and live events via your YouTube mobile app. You can save all your shows and music videos to the mobile app for offline viewing.

Price: Monthly Plan at Rs129/month, Students Plan at Rs79/month

No-cost Trial: 30 Day Free Trial

Most Popular Shows: Mindfield and Impulse, The Age of A.I.., Cobra Kai. Ryan Hansen Solves Television Crimes, Wayne, etc.

Genres Action Sci-Fi Drama

Compatible Devices: Windows, Android, Mac, iPhones

Number Of Devices: 1 per account


Crunchyroll is a popular streaming service for anime. It is an American distributor of Japanese anime, manga and dorama. It also offers its services in India. The OTT platform offers access to more than 900 anime and 200 doramas. It also has over 50 manga titles licensed, which are continuously updated with new chapters.

Crunchyroll is a niche site that caters to anime fans. It has access to the best anime shows and can help users get started with anime. Crunchyroll’s simulcasting is another key feature. gold loan’s costomers Crunchyroll allows you to instantly subtitle the shows that are airing in Japan and have them telecasted as fast as one hour. Crunchyroll revolutionized anime distribution for reaching a broad customer base.

Price:Free with Ads, Rs611.29/month

14 Days Free Trial

Most Popular Shows: Attack On Titans. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures. Eyeshield 21. Yuru Camp. YuruYuri.

Genres: Anime, action, Japanese Drama, Manga Comics, Drama, Sci-Fi,

Compatible Devices: Android, iPhone, Windows, Mac

Number Of Devices: 1 account per device

    MX Player

MX Player is a popular media player for smartphones. Recently, they launched an online streaming service for free movies. MX Player is a free streaming movie site that offers a variety of adult-themed 2021 and web-shows in English, Hindi and other regional languages.

MX Player uses simulcasting for licensing shows from other platforms, such as Shemaroo, Hoichoi, and Hungama. The streaming service is also available to music streaming services. It is the second-most popular video streaming service in India, after Hotstar or Amazon Prime.

Price:Free with Ads

Free TrialNA

Most Popular Shows: Halala, TVF Roommates and TVF Pitchers, Ek Th Begum, FLAMES

Genres: Drama, Comedy, Thriller, etc.

Compatible Devices: iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac

Multiple Devices:Multiple


Voot, an OTT service offered by Viacom 18, offers over 40,000 hours of content. It is available only in India. It aggregates TV shows from all Viacom 18 channels, including Colors Hindi and News18 India, CNN,-News1818, Colors Marathi and Colors Telugu.

Voot offers a complete package of content for families that caters to both children and adults. Voot also offers original streaming content through Voot Select Originals and Voot Studio.

Price:Monthly plan for Rs99/month, Yearly plan for Rs999/annum

14 Days Free Trial

Most Popular Shows: Asur. Bigg Boss. Naagin. Feet Up with Stars. Gangs of Wasseypur.

Genres: Comedy, Action, Drama, Thriller, etc.

Compatible Devices: iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac

Number Of Devices:1 per account


Zee5 is Zee Media’s video-on-demand service. It also includes channels such as Zee Cinemas and Zee Cafe, &TV/&Pictures, Aaj Tak (Big Magic), Zing, and &TV/&Pictures. Zee5 also keeps the catalog updated with original TV series and movies under “Zee5 Originals”. All content is organized into categories to make it easy to search.

Price:Monthly at Rs99, Rs599 for 6 months and Rs999 an year

7-day Free Trial

Popular Shows: Rangbaaz, Kaafir, Code M, Poison, Fixerr, Dance India Dance

Genres: Action, Comedy, Thriller, Drama, PG-13, etc.

Compatible Devices: iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac

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