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Boosting Mental Health with Made-in-India Social Media Apps

The subject ‘mental health’ is a very sensitive topic to touch. Mental health is something that can get affected by everything from the surroundings, actions, words, and habits. 

Linking of Mental health with Social media apps

Right now, we are here to link mental health with technology. Social media apps are with us, 24*7 and 365 days. There is nothing wrong with clinging to the phone, scrolling, typing, commenting, creating content, and sharing your voice on the Internet. 

What triggers the topic of mental health in today’s world is- the negative aspect, negative news, negative content and all of them hold no purpose to anyone’s life. 

With incredible technologies, social media apps, and the internet, there are lots of positive aspects. To find the positive aspects of virtual social apps, we need to look more into how to use these magnificent apps. 

Let’s start with what users can do with apps that boost their mental health. 

What exactly do people use social media apps for? There are lots of things that a person can use for posting about their travel, food, opinions, dancing, marketing, and other stuff. Internet users can make use of these apps for many different things in many different ways. 

Explurger- A revolution in Social media apps? 

There is a madeinIndia social media app that has changed the way people usually interact over social media apps. The app with the most modernized AI technology has given a gamification touch to the social media platform. 

It is not about posting travel pictures, but there is more to this amazing application. 

Now, returning to the topic of mental health, social media users can use the Explurger, a made-in-India app in the listed ways. 

Explurge the way to use the Social media app- Explurger: 

> Participate in Explurging Game 

As we have discussed above how Explurger app has gamification value to its interface. In this made-in-India social media app, users get levels to achieve. To achieve those levels, they need to acquire points or counts through interaction with users. 

> Boost the levels 

The Explurger, a made-in-India app has five levels to achieve for users. A user needs to do certain actions on the app to acquire the counts or points to boost the levels.  Users have options to do:

*Sending kudos to other posts 

*Sharing the posts

*Making posts

*Creating a bucket list

*Writing Travelogues

*Updating check-ins 

> Rewards make a person Happy 

The rewarding nature of the Explurger app is different from other social media apps. Because, it is innovative and interactive, users get attracted to it in no time. What makes it better? Rewards.

Yes, the made-in-India social media app rewards the users just for using the app and interacting with other users.

We, humans, love rewards gaziantep escort for our actions. That’s how the Explurger app is attracting users. 

How is Exlurger boosting mental health? 

There is a phrase- an empty mind attracts negative energy.

With the Explurger app, a user will likely engage with the app because of its rewarding and gamification nature. 

Users of the Explurger app engages with the actions, with fellow users, and create & post content.

The Explurger is all about creating, posting, sharing, and winning the levels of the app.

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