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Check Out the Varieties of Momos are Available in Restaurants

It will be hard for you to imagine Chinese food without experiencing Momos. They are the perfect healthy bite for when we need a small, quick bite that won’t fill our stomachs up to much. The word momo can make any Nepali salivate, kind of like how it describes a dumpling, and is found everywhere in Nepal, including cafes and restaurants. But make sure that the restaurants carry a clean and pest-free preparation environment. If not then immediately call for pest control services in Bangalore for quick eradication. Because food preparation should take place in a clean place to stay healthy and disease-free. Isn’t it?

Momo in Nepal is cheap and tasty, and you can find it everywhere. Originally, momos were round-shaped and stuffed with meat and vegetables, but nowadays, you can find several types of momos with a wide range of shapes, sizes, and stuffings. As the base ingredient of the momo, tomato is usually used as a dipping sauce. However, there were originally two types of momos – chicken momos and vegetable momos – that you could find on India’s streets. Now that times are changing rapidly, and foodies everywhere are enjoying healthier, more creative, and innovative foods, why would momos fall behind? As you can imagine, one could find various kinds and varieties of momos such as Sichuan momos, Tandoori momos, Fried momos, etc. Then why not switch to momo, our favorite go-to snack, instead of the boring Dal, Bhat, Tarkari, and Achar? 

Take a look at the amazing creations created by our Indian master chefs for momos and see how they differ from each other. 

Steamed Momos:

As it turns out, these momos stuffed with chicken or veggies are your absolute favorite on a chilly evening with a red chilly dip and a hot beverage. The simple steam-cooked momo is a favorite among many people. If you like, you can even prepare them at home in just less than 20 minutes.

Fried Momos:

Deep Fried momos or after steaming fried momos are one method of preparing these crunchy versions of momos. The fried momos are sure to make you drool over them for serving as the perfect Indian fast food, even though they are a bit oily. Once your get over the fondness of the steamed momos, you will get over the fried ones too. However, a fried momo is crispier than s steamed momo, which offers a more delicate texture that is best enjoyed with mayonnaise.

Chilly Garlic Momos:

Indians will always try their best to beat the bland taste of momos. You are sure to be blown away by the extra fiery taste that’s added if you add extra red chilly sauce, minced garlic, spring onions, ketchup, etc.

Tandoori Momos:

As far as the momo varieties go, this particular type has been one of the more popular ones, with its brilliant taste of tandoori flavor that almost melts the momos in your mouth the moment they touch your tongue. With its rich texture and tempting taste, this momo and tandoori combo are sure to make you go drool. And trust me, the combination is just set to take your taste buds to the next level like you have never tasted before. Tandoori, famous for Indian cuisine, has found its way into Nepalese momos.

Sichuan Momos:

It’s no secret that Indo-Chinese fusion cuisine has a unique taste. If you are an Indo-Chinese fan, the Sichuan sauce popularly known as schezwan sauce in India has also found its way into the momos. Try these momos for sure!

Chocolate Momos:

This is a perfect dessert/snack combination for someone unsure about what to choose from snacks or desserts. So, if you are looking for sweet satisfaction, you must try these chocolate momos. They are a great combination of savory and sweet flavors.

Cheese Stuffed Momos:

A fusion of cheesy and creamy momos is the order of the day. With a hint of cheesy flavor, these momos will melt in your mouth. The stuffing includes veggies that are thoroughly mashed into the filling, and cheese oozes out of the stuffing. Cheese lovers will delight in these items since nearly every item contains extra cheese.

Jhol Momos:

The Jhol-Achar is a combination of tangy, sweet, and spicy flavors all at once. The achar or sauce has a liquid-like consistency. Filling and mouth-watering, the achar or sauce is an absolute delight. They are the soupiest momos, perfect for spending your winter evenings dowing the best of the best. The jhol-achar or sauce is thin and spicy with a tangy twist.

Open Momos:

The most preferable place to have these open momos is at local street vendors if you are a momo fanatic. With its four openings, these containers make it possible for you to pour in different sauces at the same time and enjoy them all at once.

Green Momos:

Have you ever hated spinach as a kid? Well, we have a piece of good news! The spinach or green momos are made with flour and spinach powder and then kneaded with spinach water. It is for these reasons, that spinach is green so are the momos.

Buckwheat Momo:

Momos made with buckwheat are perhaps the best choice for health-conscious individuals, as they contain more protein and nutrients than normal momos. You should eat this momo piping hot, as they get a bit dry if they are allowed to cool. The texture of this momo is delicate and the flavor is delicious.

Dhapu Momo:

Compared to a regular momo, these giant momos are much larger. Their Chinese equivalent is Da Pao. They are sometimes called Tibetan MoMo. These are as good as other types since they are about the size of a child’s hand. There is something a bit unusual about the thickness of the dough, but hey, it makes a great lunch and tastes great. It is more common to find ethnic Tibetan momos in areas where there are many Tibetans, hence their name.

However, there are various factors like food variety, customer service, and many more that symbolize a better restaurant. And it’s a cleaned and sanitized space, then it’s just like “Cherry on the Cake”. So it’s always advisable to have your favorite cuisines, just like momos and other fast foods in a safe and clean place. Because it not maintains good health but also helps you digitize your restaurant more proficiently.

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