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Construction Site Management Level 6 NVQ Diploma

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Construction Courses

The purpose of this qualification is to acknowledge the knowledge, abilities, and competence that a person has shown in the job. People who specialize in coordinating, managing, arranging, and supervising lifting activities utilizing lifting equipment have the chance to show their proficiency through this Level 6 NVQ in Controlling Lifting Operations-Supervising Lifts.

Curriculum Description

National Vocational Accreditation

Within Total Training Suppliers We offer different NVQs to meet the training needs of the construction industry.

Having an NVQ in construction will assist you in proving that you are qualified for the position.

Do you possess the necessary Plant Operations NVQ?

Yes? To get your Red Card the following steps must be taken:

You must complete any basic or retraining instruction.

Within the last two years, I passed the CITB HS&E exam.

Pass the necessary CPCS Technical tests (Theory and Practical) with a CPCS test facility that is authorized to administer them in the appropriate plant category. Your two-year red card will now be issued to you automatically.

You must enroll and earn an NVQ’s Level 6 Diploma in Construction Site Management during the two-year validity period of this red card. You can apply to upgrade to a blue “competent operator” card once you’ve attained it.

Yes? The following steps must be taken to obtain your Blue Card:

To demonstrate that you are keeping your skills current, finish the refresher training.

Within the last two years, I passed the CITB HS&E exam.

Pass the necessary CPCS technical tests (theory and practical) with the appropriate plant category and a CPCS test facility that is approved. Now is the time to apply for your five-year Blue Card.

Every five years, you must renew your Blue Card. You need to pass the renewal test modules for each category you want to renew, as well as the HS&E test within the last two years, in order to do this.

What is covered in the course?

  • Establishing and maintaining positive working relationships at work.
  • Monitoring lifting operations performed with lifting equipment at work.
  • Upkeep of workplace health, safety, welfare, and environmental protection systems.
  • Coordination and planning of the workplace’s work control
  • Allocating and overseeing the usage of machinery, equipment, or plants at work.
  • Preserving the work’s dimensional accuracy in the workplace.
  • Coordinating site or lifting operation preparation in the workplace.
  • Assigning tasks and evaluating employees’ performance.

How long does this course last?


How come I need it?

For those who need the blue CPCS competence card, this NVQ is a prerequisite for the NVQ’s Level 6 Diploma in Construction Site Management.

What credentials do I receive?

Those who finish the course successfully will receive an SQA NVQ level 6 certificate.

How can I proceed?

If you already possess the required CPCS practical and theoretical examinations, you will be able to upgrade from the red operator card to the blue competency card once you have successfully finished the course. You can also take the theory and practical tests at one of our locations and get the blue competency card if you pass them.

What does the course cost?



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