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Discover Top Ways to Draft an Essay

An essay is used to assess the strength of your critical thinking and your ability to put that thinking into an academic written form. This resource covers some key considerations when writing an essay at university.

An essay in each educational institution to assess the strength of your critical thinking. Moreover, if you ask any Essay Typer why the essays are difficult, they will give you one answer essays are the most essential part of learning which teaches you multiple things that cannot be learned in any form of writing. They are there in our education system from a very early stage and are going to stay for the next multiple years to come. The concept of an essay is much wider than collecting information from different sources and putting them in your words. So, if you are looking for someone to ‘do my assignment for me’ you should ensure that your expert teaches you more than writing.

Fortunately, the experts in assignment help come up with unconventional yet interesting tips for essay writing that makes your assignment much more impressive and help you score higher. So, without further ado, let’s unveil the top tips from Essay Typer–

According to the University of Melbourne, these top amazing tips are shared to ‘Do My Assignment for me.’

Use evidence, reasoning, and scholarship

The first step of the essay is to convince your reader with some amazing insights. Therefore, you must use evidence and reasoning, which includes referring to the evaluating relevant scholarship.

According to the Essay Typer– Evidence provides concrete information to support your argument. It typically consists of specific examples, facts, quotations, statistical data, and illustrations.

Another reasoning that comes with essay writing is to cite the evidence with a list that needs to evaluate the evidence and present how it supports your argument.

Organize a coherent essay

According to the Essay Typer, there are three basic components– introduction, body, and conclusion.


A general statement about the topic is provided with the context for the argument.

  • A thesis statement should show your argument. You can use explicit lead-ins, such as ‘the essay argues that…’
  • The next point is the ‘road map which identifies how your essay will present and develop your argument.


The main body develops and elaborates your argument. With this step, you can complete it by presenting a well-structured reasonable case that supports the evidence from the relevant scholarship. This shape also corresponds to the overview provided in the argument.


  • An ideal conclusion should not offer any new information. The argumentation and evidence should be clear to the reader in the essay’s body.
  • Make sure you conclude the topic by restating your thesis and argumentative position and provide a brief summary of the theme discussion. In addition, you should also consider telling the reader of your findings.

Keep your essay concise

When you work and edit your essay, try to view it with a fresh mood and perspective.

Check out these questions;

Overall structure

  • Have you clearly stated your argument in your introduction?
  • Does the actual structure correspond to the ‘road map’ set out in your introduction?
  • Have you clearly indicated how your main points support your argument?

Give extra attention to your sources

This is evident that when you use other sources from various portals, it becomes your responsibility to cite them correctly. Often this step is ignored in the rush of meeting deadlines, leading to a poor presentation of the source. There are specific citation types, such as APA, MLA, and Chicago.

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