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Do You Know the Symptoms Of Low Blood Sugar?

Glucose is the energy providing molecule in the body. However, when the blood glucose level drops, we embrace symptoms of low blood sugar. Therefore, it is a condition that makes us feel dull, and leads towards unconsciousness eventually. So, if you want to have detailed information about low blood glucoses, its symptoms and treatment, then stay active. This article is going to help you a lot.

What’s Hypoglycemia?

Though hypoglycemia includes several apparent symptoms but medically, we say:

Having low blood glucose level in blood makes a individual hypoglycemic.” 

When You Encounter with Symptoms of Low Blood Sugar

Naturally, we have feedback mechanisms for regulating body processes and life conditions. In fact, blood glucose level is one of them. Therefore, our body have to antagonistic hormones for maintaining glucose level in blood:

Hormone  Function  Risk factor
Insulin For blood sugar levels dropping too low Increased production gives rise to symptoms of high blood sugar (hypoglycemia)
Glucagon For blood sugar levels rising too high Decreased production gives rise to symptoms of high blood sugar (hypoglycemia)

Blood Sugar Level 

In Normal Persons: Normally, blood sugar level is measured in fasting and after eating. Hence, a normal person should have following glucose concentration in blood:

Condition  Optimum Blood glucose level 
When fasting Less than 100 mg/dL
2 hours after taking a meal Between 90-120 mg/dL

In Hypoglycemic Persons: Whenever we perform a sugar test (A1C test) for symptoms of low blood sugar, a value less than 70 mg/dL indicates hypoglycemia.

Symptoms of Low Blood Sugar

Conventionally, we characterized a disease by the symptoms it expresses. Some of the initial diabetes symptoms of low blood sugar are given below:

Mild Symptoms of Low Blood Sugar Severe Symptoms of Low Blood Sugar

Skin paleness





fast heartbeat




Blackout (fainting)

Visual problem




Do you know that being diabetic makes you vulnerable for Hypoglycemia?

People with diabetes and prediabetes use medicines to lower their blood glucose. In addition to these OTC and herbal meds, some also take insulin injections. However, all the medications increase the absorption of glucose inside the cell. In simple words, they either facilitate insulin activity or productivity. Anyhow, whenever the rate of insulin production and its functionality increases, it drops the blood sugar level causing the symptoms of high blood sugar. So, diabetics are more likely to have hypoglycemic symptoms.

Complications by Low Blood Sugar 

Diabetic Coma 

If you often deal with episodes of low blood glucose, then the condition can be risky for you. Especially, when you have:

  • Weight loss
  • Old age
  • Anti-depression medicines
  • Beta-blockers
  • Disturbed eating cycles

All the aforementioned factors can lead a person towards diabetic coma. It simply means that their body could be paralyzed for some duration. It puts a person on the mercy of others. In short, it can create a pathetic condition.

Instant Home remedies for Symptoms of Low Blood Sugar (Usool-e-Ilaj)

Why do we use OTC medications, when we have unani herbal treatments for the symptoms of low blood sugar? Here we have enlisted some unani treatment (sugar ka treatment) for low blood sugar.

What to eat? | Ilaj Bil Ghiza

The instantaneous solution for symptoms of low blood sugar is to uptake 15g glucose / sugar immediately.

Foods for diabetics: Healthcare representatives usually recommend sweet fruits like grapes, bananas, and apples, etc. for glucose balance. Selection of artificial sweeteners and baked products is not a wise choice.

Foods for normal individuals: They have many options for raising up their blood glucose level. They have to take 15g of glucose as per the 15/15 rule. So, here are some food options for instant cure:

Food Options For Instant Cure Food Quantity 
Honey 1 tablespoon
Honey Gel 1 tube
Glucose Tablets 3-4 tablets
Maple syrup 1 tablespoon
Chocolates 1 or 2 as per your choice
Sweet Candies and jellies See the label
What to do? | Ilaj Bil Tadbeer 

Here are some easy tips for those who frequently come across symptoms of low blood sugar:

  • Take a blood sugar test after intervals.
  • Ask your physician how much carb you must have to normalize your blood glucose level. Do this because too much carb consumption is even bad as it can make you diabetic.
  • Take carbs along with fats and proteins in a healthy combination.
  • Be aware of the conditions that might put you at the risk of hypoglycemia. Such conditions include: Traveling, heavy exercises, meal skipping, and hot climate, etc.

From the article on symptoms of low blood sugar, we can seek sufficient guidelines. Treat the symptoms of low blood sugar with easy home remedies and be careful next time. Take good care of your health and diet to avoid this ailment.

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