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Effective Solutions to Convert Thunderbird Inbox to PST in Bulk

Postingpall | Here is the best solution to convert Thunderbird Inbox to PST format without losing any data. Today, in this article, we will discuss the amazing solutions which are manual methods and automated solutions (Experts Recommended).

So, with so many advantages of Outlook, users need to export Thunderbird inbox to PST file format to access MS Outlook. Through this informative post, we will come up with 100% effective solutions to convert multiple Thunderbird inboxes to Outlook PST format hassle-free. Now, let us take a little intro to Mozilla Thunderbird and PST file.

Mozilla Thunderbird is a desktop-based cross-platform email client that stores its mailbox data in MBOX format. Thunderbird users often wish to save emails in PDF format. But they aren’t able to do so. It is still a question “How to Export Thunderbird MBOX to PST?

PST File is a personal storage table, which is a file format Microsoft programs use to store items like Calendar events, Contacts, and email messages. The PST files are stored within popular Microsoft software like Microsoft Exchange Client, Windows Messaging, and Microsoft Outlook.

Let us move one by one for the same and easily complete our task without facing any trouble:-

Two Techniques to Export Thunderbird Inbox to PST

There are two techniques to complete the process to convert Thunderbird inbox to PST file format. Which are as follows below:-

Manual Method: The manual method is capable of converting a single Thunderbird inbox to PST format.

Professional Solution: An automated solution is capable of converting multiple Thunderbird inbox into Outlook PST format.

For more information, you can easily go with this write-up. In the next section, we will talk about the manual method first & then, move toward the expert-recommended tool.

Manual Ways to Convert Thunderbird Inbox to Outlook PST

Hereby stating methods to convert Thunderbird inbox data items into PST files is using an IMAP account. Therefore, in this method, we first configure IMAP email accounts in both Thunderbird and MS Outlook. And, we will perform the conversion of data.

By using Gmail as this is the most popular webmail service. We will now discuss the following steps for the same:-

Enable IMAP option in Gmail Settings

  • Firstly, in the Gmail account, click on the Gear icon and choose settings.
  • Now, hit Forwarding and POP/IMAP and choose the ‘enable IMAP’ option
  • Hit save changes and log out from the account.

Configure the email account in Thunderbird

  • Run Thunderbird and configure Gmail in the Thunderbird account.
  • Go to Tools, Account settings, and select Actions from the Add mail account
  • Enter your name, email address, and password in the required fields
  • Now, hit Continue and select IMAP. Then, click on Done
  • After that, choose the mailbox folder that displays on the Thunderbird interface to access your new email account.

Move emails to configured Gmail

And, you need to move emails from the Mozilla Thunderbird inbox to the Gmail account that you want to export into a PST file. Drag and drop emails from Thunderbird to the Gmail folder.

Access the same Gmail account in MS Outlook

After that, access Thunderbird data moved into Gmail in MS Outlook with the given steps:

  • Open MS Outlook program
  • Go to Add account followed by File
  • Then, click on Manual setup and hit the Next button
  • Now, select IMAP or POP and then click Next
  • Go to Advanced settings and choose the option ‘Outgoing server tab’
  • In the advanced tab, set port numbers 993 and 465 respectively
  • Hit Ok and test settings
  • Click Next when all details are verified.

So, this will move emails to Microsoft Outlook. You can now easily convert Thunderbird Inbox to PST format with the Import/Export wizard. As this method is not capable of multiple purposes and it also takes too much user time & effort to complete the procedure. But, don’t worry we have another solution also which is easy & quick to complete the task of converting multiple Thunderbird inboxes to PST format.

Professional Solution to Export Thunderbird Inbox into PST Format

Therefore, it is clear that manual methods are stressful and complicated. Users need to be very patient while executing the steps. You need technical guidance and proper installation of both email clients. This task itself is lengthy and will take much time. Thus, it is highly advised to opt for an easy and convenient method like Best MBOX to PST Converter Tool. It saves multiple MBOX files into a single MS Outlook format.

This utility can safely convert Thunderbird Inbox and other folder emails into PST file format without any requirement of MS Outlook. Moreover, it allows direct conversion of Thunderbird mailbox items into PST format to access in MS Outlook 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008 & others.

Now, follow the below software working process explained to make your conversion process hassle-free using automated tools.

Instant Solution Working Process – [Step by Step Guide]

Following are the software working steps to perform it in an easy & simple manner without losing any single piece of the data file. Let’s begin with the same!

  1. Install the software on your Windows machine.
  2. Browse & load MBOX files from configured email clients
  3. Now, select Export options from the given list PST with advanced settings
  4. Finally, select the destination path and click on the Export button and save the report.

Final Verdict

In this write-up, we have discussed how to convert Thunderbird Inbox to PST format. Use the manual method and professional solution to easily export Thunderbird inbox into Outlook PST file format. As in the above post, we have explained that the manual method is a little complex for no-voice users to perform this task and it’s a lengthy process as well. So, we suggest another automated solution to fulfill all your requirements. And, easily complete your task without facing any hassle. It can easily convert multiple Thunderbird inboxes to Outlook PST file format. Now, choose as per your requirement.

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