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Full details of eligibility, fees, scholarship, salary in Civil Engineering course? How to become a civil engineer.

Many children living in India have this dream that later on we too become an engineer and can make a better contribution to the society, so today through this post we are going to give you information about a professional course in Civil engineering.

What is Civil Engineering? What does it take to become a civil engineer?

“Civil Engineering” is the best professional course in the engineering field, after doing which you will be called a civil engineer, but if you want to become a civil engineer in the future, then first of all you have to understand what is civil engineering and what is a civil engineering. What do we have to do to become a civil engineer?

After becoming a civil engineer, you are taught about building a house, designing, doing construction work, building roads, buildings and dams, etc. This is the job of a civil engineer.

Example: How will the design of the house be, how will the road be built, what will be the material, etc., all the work is done by a civil engineer.

You can do civil engineering in two ways, one is Diploma in Civil Engineering and one is B. Tech in Civil Engineering.

Through Diploma in Civil Engineering you will be called a Junior Civil Engineer, you can do this course after passing 10th and through B. Tech in Civil Engineering you will be called a Senior Civil Engineer, you can do this course after 12th.

Eligibility to become a Civil Engineer:

  • For admission in civil engineering, you must have a science subject in 12th, in which you should have passed from (Maths), (Physics), (Chemistry) subject.
  • 60% marks are needed in 12th if you have to give any entrance exam for civil engineering like (IIT, AIEEE,) etc. 60% marks are required for all these exams in 12th
  • For Junior Civil Engineer i.e. Diploma in Civil Engineering, you should be 10th pass.

Complete information on how to become a civil engineer

If you want to take admission in B Tech in Civil Engineering, then first of all you have to pass 12th class with that too (Maths), (Physics) and (Chemistry) subject, apart from this you should have minimum 60% marks in 12 only then you can get any. You will also be eligible for the entrance exam, apart from this, if you have a Diploma in Civil Engineering, which you can do even after 10th, you should have passed 10th, only then you will be able to participate in its competitive examination, this course would have been full 3 years after 10th. We also know it by the name of Polytechnic.

Now for this, first you have to fill the online form of B.Tech or Polytechnic, after that you will have to give a competitive examination and pass this competitive examination with very good numbers if you want to become a civil engineer, after passing the competitive examination through counselling. From this your admission process will be completed and then you can complete your B.Tech or Polytechnic course studies from the branch of Civil Engineering in that college. B. Tech course is of full 4 years and Polytechnic course is of full 3 years.

How much does civil engineering cost

If you do a B.Tech course in civil engineering’s, then the fees of many colleges are different for this.

  • Government College Fee – 50 thousand / Year
  • Private College Fee – 1-2 Lakh/Year

If you do a diploma course in civil engineering, then the fees of many colleges are different for this.

  • Government college fees – 12 thousand / year
  • Private college fees- 30-50 thousand / year

How much scholarship is available for doing civil engineering course

See sir, the simple answer is that you will get a scholarship almost as much as your fees in any college.

Diploma in Civil Engineering:

Fees Govt. College –12 thousand approx

Scholarship Govt. College:

12 thousand approx

What is the salary of a civil engineer?

A civil engineer can do a job in many sectors in India, now whether it is private sector or government sector, a civil engineer can contribute better in every field, along with this if we talk about the salary of a civil engineer. If you do it is something like this

Civil Engineer (B. Tech)

  • Private sector

Salary – 30-35 thousand / month in the beginning

  • Government sector

Salary- 40-50 thousand/month

Civil Engineer (Polytechnic)

  • Private sector

Salary – 20-25 thousand / month in the beginning

  • Government sector

Salary- 35-45 thousand/month

Internship after completion of course:

After completion of 4 years B Tech course or 3 years polytechnic course you have to do internship, through this you can gain experience in that field and get good knowledge about that field so that you can become an experienced civil To become an engineer, it is important that you do an internship after completing your civil engineering’s studies.

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