Game Spamming Can Be Dangerous: Raghib Khan Throws Light On How To Stand Up To It

Raghib Khan Throws Light On How To Stand Up To It

Video games help a gamer to interact with other gamers surpassing the geographical boundaries; to some, playing video games is just as fun as doing something fun in the physical world. Researchers suggest that over the years, video games have been able to leave an influential mark on the players quite positively. 

This article highlights the suggestions and beliefs of Raghib Khan, a serial founder and mobile gaming expert who talked about mobile gaming spam and scams in an interview. In the upcoming sections, you will learn about the game spamming:

Game Spamming: Definition & Its Types

After decade-long research, it has been found that video games enhance the psychological well-being of an individual, and it is seen that players experience increased problem-solving and spatial-rotation capabilities. But little is known about the rampant adversities of the online gaming world. 

Before we go any further and discuss. The types of the game spamming and how you can stand to it, let’s understand the terms game spamming:

Spamming, in general, is the act of sending unsolicited messages to a large number of internet users at a time. 

But when it comes to game spamming, one can say that it involves executing offensive maneuvers repeatedly without caring about the applied rules and regulations.

In gaming, the spammers work with the sole motive to destroy the gaming experience for other users, eventually leaving the gamer frustrated and bugged. 

Classification of Spamming

In an interview Raghib Khan, talks about numerous gaming spam types that are meant for the detriment of the players; to help you understand better, below explained are three of the most common gaming spam types:

Wrong Usage Of Chat System-

Many online gaming applications have in-game messaging or texting systems, which spammers sometimes misuse. Fraudsters use the chat system to send excessive messages to other players online in the game.

Excessive Use Of Weapon-

Spammers, being a nuisance at online gaming, try to earn kill points by relentlessly firing, sometimes in vain. This shows the spammer’s lack of skills and lags the game. After some point because the application does not render such effects for a longer time. 

Nade Spamming-

Nade spamming, also known as ‘grenade spamming,’ involves the discharge of unwanted and unnecessary grenades to an empty area within the gaming map. Such spamming is frowned upon by several players, while on the other hand, the spammers find grenade spamming the easiest method of winning the game.

Other than these three, there are several different gaming spams like unit spamming, kill spamming, and pawn spamming, to name a few. 

Final Words

Players, or should we call them spammers, usually rationalize such game toxicity by saying. It is part and parcel of the online gaming world. But some renowned game development companies, as pointed out by Raghib Khan, have taken some anti-toxicity and anti-spam initiatives. To improved transparency of player-reporting systems and advanced tool enabling moderation voice chat option. where a player can select from whom they can receive messages.

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