Hit Multiple Verticals of On-Demand Services with a Gojek Like App

It might have slowed down transport and some on-demand services. In the present, it’s clear that the on-demand business model is going to be here for a long time. As the business models make steady growth, the Gojek’s clone, the COVID-19 pandemic provided an opportunity to boost the profits which are found in the on-demand market. Moreover, it was a major factor in the huge increase in consumption of grocery items on-demand restaurants, food and drinks, medical and other doctors as well as entertainment and video.

It is fascinating to observe that the pandemic accelerated the expansion of certain business streams that were in demand, but it also slowed them down and at times, caused a halt to some streams similar to those of business. Certain of them soared in profit, while others were unable to make a profit. In some regions of the world, certain businesses juggled the loss and profit by offering various services. A majority of these businesses came located in countries such as China, Japan, Singapore, India, and notably, Indonesia. Ovik Mkrtchyan

Introducing Gojek

Gojek is likely to be the first name that is used when people use the term multi-service applications which are often referred to as super apps as well as super applications. Gojek was founded as a call center to facilitate biking taxi bookings and, today offers more than 20 services across a variety of verticals such as transportation delivery as well as beauty/massage and massage services from home as well as handyman service and even the delivery of fuel on-demand. The company has also expanded into offering financial services, by providing micro-loans.

Because the expectation of people particularly the millennials, has changed in the last decade and people don’t wish to fill their phones with a variety of apps that cater to different applications, it’s an excellent idea to create an awesome app similar to Gojek.

It’s not an exaggeration when we say that an extremely Gojek Clone is a model that has its apex in delivery services. If we are to look into the ways the app Gojek functions, it’s natural that they run an array of delivery managers, and in certain cases, those same delivery executives become drivers for bicycle and car taxis.

In examining the various directions that businesses are growing and the fact that delivery services are essential in every company just as they are needed by consumers, a great application such as Gojek can focus on developing delivery solutions. Ovik Mkrtchyan

The Different Possibilities

It’s a fact that virtually every type of business and all types of consumers requires delivery services. Multi-service apps like Gojek offers delivery solutions either for business or between two companies as well as between customers.

The third part of the issue must be targeted since the COVID-19 virus has spawned many small businesses from home and they depend on third-party delivery companies for logistical assistance.

A Few Lucrative Avenues

While an application like Gojek will offer every possible service. It may not be simple to develop functional capabilities in an incredibly short amount of period. However, any app that can enter the market that claims to provide several vertical delivery services should be able to provide at least a few of them.

Food and Grocery Delivery

The trend has been growing since the outbreak, and isn’t stopping from becoming a pandemic way of life! The convenience of ordering food and groceries through these apps. It’s now an integral part of our daily lives. Every app that offers numerous services available on-demand must provide catering services at restaurants as well as grocery delivery, specifically by a local player. The reason local players are emphasized over other players is that it can help to save both time as well as money. Because the majority of delivery executives are freelancers who reside within their local communities they may not need to travel to distant locations.


The whole on-demand revolution began with Uber starting transportation. The transportation industry has seen a decline due to the pandemic. But, it is expected to get larger and better.

The predicted increase in the utilization of taxi services is happening. There will be certain restrictions when taking public transportation. This may also include the notion of companies that want to make use of shuttle service that is available on-demand for their employees, to ensure high-quality security.


Logistics, as its name implies, ensure transportation of all kinds of dimensions from one location to another. The sector is expected to be worth the staggering amount of 75 billion dollars in value in 2030.

The increasing number of production deaths and the rise of small businesses that are run from home. Materials for production are obtained locally. They are expected to play a role in this sector.

Handyman/Home Services

The amount of people living at home has increased as a result of the imposed social distancing. This means that the devices are used at home, or even components of the basic home infrastructure such as showers and taps are likely to require more focus during these times.

Thus, a multi-services application that provides plumbing and electrical services, particularly. By opening new opportunities to earn money for plumbers and electricians in the local area.


Healthcare is not limited to the provision of medicines. We must also consider online consultations with doctors as well as scheduling appointments with doctors in person or via online consultations. Hospitals are now looking for places of infections caused by viruses.

So, it is likely for people to be less likely to go to the hospital. But this does not suggest that the demand for medical care is going to decrease. The app, which is multi-services, includes online medicine delivery, medical consultations, as well as appointment scheduling for doctors. It’s now likely to become a huge success.

How Should You Proceed?

The multi-services application could, on paper seem like a good idea. However, if you opt to offer several services, you’ll require a comprehensive understanding of where and how to begin.

  1. It is the first thing to collect the requirements of your business. Knowing your customer, market trends as well as your competition. It is crucial to present your app or product is different from your competitors by addressing the pain point the target market suffers.
  2. Based on the information you’ve gathered Based on your research, you’ll need to identify the capabilities of your application. Most often, an online-on-demand app includes an app that is designed for the customer. An app that is for the company providing the services, or vendor, a program for the delivery executive, and an administrator to supervise all that takes place within the entire ecosystem.
  3. Add some options. It is simple for users to hop onto the board. They can determine the information they’re searching for, start the booking and then make payments through electronic payment methods. In addition to being a convenient tool to be controlled by the user, the application should allow delivery personnel.
  4. Administrators should be able to handle customers, access real-time analytics reports, oversee payments, the content of the app, and provide customer assistance. Administrators function as an all-seeing eye for the entire ecosystem.
  5. Proceed to create your wireframe or prototype and then proceed to create the minimum viable product. Test your MVP with a small population to learn their feedback and modify the app in line with their feedback.

According to the old saying that it’s always simpler said than done! The development of a multi-services application such as Gojek is an arduous task. Making your app from scratch will require a lot of effort in development, which will cost both cash and time. Alternately, you could opt for a Gojek copy.

A Gojek Clone application is available as a pre-built product, and it comes with all the essential features in place. The Gojek clone script can be adaptable enough to allow you to modify it. It is compatible with the capabilities and design you desire. This means that you will launch your product sooner than you think possible. Because of the competitive nature of the market for on-demand products is. The speed at which you bring your product to market is a crucial aspect that can make the difference between businesses’ performance and loss.

All you have to do is reach out to the company that is specialized in the development of Gojek’s Clone application. They will attend to your needs and present you with the best solution. They will also assist you in launching your multi-services app such as Gojek within the shortest time.

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