How a CRM Framework be implemented- in time of crisis


When the CRM framework has been established, it is necessary to collect relevant data and store that data. This data will help the organization to develop the persona of the client and provide customized solutions to them. When the resources and the research are in place, the organization will be in a better position to examine the current conditions and customize their offerings based upon current requirements of the companies. For any college homework related help, book ABC Homework Help. The company provides the most reliable and unique homework help. The delivery of homework is always timely.


The company could work upon framing a new value proposition that completely transforms the image of the organization in the eyes of the customer. Or they could implement a new system and replace the older version. For example, in the year 2011, the company introduced the “Two-in-a-box” (TIB) model. This model emphasized on the “share model”, where two employees shared the entire responsibility for the client interactions.  

They were both responsible for understanding the needs of the client and planning out the work accordingly. This strategy, as opposed to all those based upon the low cost and innovation framework, mainly used by the competitors of Company, was primarily intended to build a deep and strong client relationship that will ultimately lead to the maximization of a company’s share of wallet.”

The whole concept emerged after understanding the customer better. ABC Assignment Help is the best college assignment help provider. The company has a team of PHD experts who provide plagiarism free assignment help for all subjects.

The company has always believed in strengthening its digital base and providing its customers with the utmost technology, which ultimately leads to efficiency in practices. At this stage, it’s important to ensure that the framework and strategies developed and implemented are not faulty. The following steps could be undertaken:

  • Interview Current as well as Past Clients:

    Understand the need of the hour and why the current customers have chosen to stick to the solutions provided by your company. Why have the past clients chosen to cut-off? You will be able to better gauge where the system didn’t work out and repair it on-the-go.

  • Conduct Surveys:

    Get feedback from clients on a regular basis and constantly improve tools offered. Improvisation is the key.

  • Build a Transient Advantage:

    In the digital times, a sustainable competitive advantage never works out. We need to build the organization and its processes upon a strong advantage that will stand the test of time and even assist at the time of crisis.

Through this, they are offering a trustworthy database of information to clients and the public. They have offered their clients solutions on how to tackle this outbreak. They still come out victorious after the economy begins its recovery. Also, lastly, it has laid emphasis on contributing effectively to the community by doing their part as an organization. Through this, they have managed to create a new concept of Company in the minds of the customers and the public alike.

The company has digitally transformed its capabilities, achieving a new level of performance from the optimization of the resources. Innovation thirst is what drove the organization to come up with the above model and leverage the information they had upon their customers and provide them each with a customized solution to help lift them up at this time of crisis. It’s the drive to keep challenging the existing ideals that helped Company achieve this approach.

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