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How Buyers Can Win the Game When Selling A House

How Buyers Can Win the Game When Selling A House

One way to win a bidding war is to offer more money and better terms than your competition. If your offer is too low, consider lowering your price or negotiating with the seller to make your offer more attractive. If you can afford a higher price, make an all-cash offer, which is always preferred by sellers. But before making such a move, be sure to understand the pros and cons of your strategy.

Buyer Must Attach Proof of Funds

First, the buyer must be sure that he or she can afford the house. While some sellers may accept lower offers, some prefer all-cash offers. However, a buyer must attach proof of funds to the offer (a letter or bank statement), which can demonstrate that the buyer actually has the money to pay for the home. This way, the seller will feel confident that the buyer is serious and will close the sale. A delayed financing option can also be made available after the purchase.

As with any other offer, the first step is to make an earnest money deposit. This will show the buyer’s seriousness and commitment. A high-quality buyer should be willing to put down an earnest money deposit. This will prove to be beneficial for the seller. Flat Fee Realtor will appreciate the fact that the buyer has made a deposit. While this can be frustrating, it will give the buyer an incentive to make the offer.

Buyers Must Be Realistic 

Buyers must be realistic about how much they can afford. While many buyers don’t have extra cash to put up front, others can afford to borrow more than their initial offer. Therefore, it’s important to make your offers as realistic as possible. A buyer who is willing to finance the closing costs of their new purchase can increase their chances of making a deal. Furthermore, many buyers don’t understand the impact of asking sellers to pay closing costs. By offering a higher price than your asking price, you will also win the game for your buyer.

Having Best Offer Then Competition

In addition to having the best offer, buyers must also waive all contingencies. An all-cash offer is the best choice in many situations. It gives a buyer the assurance that they can pay the full amount. When the seller wants to negotiate the price, a buyer needs to prove that he has the money to cover the purchase, and a cash offer is the best option.

Time Is Money

It’s vital to keep in mind that in the real estate economy, time is money. When it comes to selling a house, buyers are especially time-sensitive, and they want to sell their house quickly. The longer a house remains on the market, the more it costs to repair. In a competitive market, it’s essential to get the best price for the property. While a buyer may be willing to negotiate over the price, it’s better to negotiate the price with a seller.

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Offer Must Solve Seller’s Problems

When facing a bidding war, knowing the seller’s problems is essential. If you can, get the details of the closing timeline, the number of offers, and other details regarding the house. This will help you formulate the right offer and win the bidding war. In other words, a buyer’s offer must solve the seller’s problems. It’s vital to make a good offer.

When it comes to cash, an all-cash offer will stand out as the safer bet. While all-cash offers are the safest bets, sellers often choose all-cash offers over other offers. All-cash buyers must provide proof of funds, either in the form of a letter or bank statement, to prove they have the cash on hand. And of course, the buyer can always obtain delayed financing after the closing, which may be helpful if he or she needs to.


Oftentimes, an offer that has an earnest money deposit will have an advantage in a bidding war. A clean offer, however, will give the seller a safe bet that the buyer is committed to the transaction. While most people aren’t able to pay that much money, it will be enough to win the bidding war. That’s why it’s so crucial to consider the needs of the seller.

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