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How Much Does it Cost to Hire PHP Developer ?

Today in this article we are going to discuss the cost to hire PHP developers for your web development project

Today, PHP is one of the best programming languages serving across the world. Since it is the oldest, but still it is high in demand with vast active community support. It seems that it will definitely have massive growth in the upcoming future too. According to W3Tech, 78.1% of all server-side websites have been implemented by using PHP. Therefore PHP developers are high in demand and the cost to hire PHP developers could be even higher.

The PHP Web Market In India

PHP stands unique as compared to other web development technologies. Some of the renowned brands using PHP include, WordPress, Pinterest, and Zoom in their web development.  Also, the latest version of PHP has been found to be faster as compared to other programming languages.  Beyond that, some excellent features like a combined comparison operator, new type hinting, anonymous classes, iterable and void returns, multi-catch exception handling, trailing commas, etc make PHP stands unique among other web development technologies.

Benefits of PHP

  1. It is an open-source language, therefore it is available for free. So, we don’t need to pay any extra charges for software licensing.
  2. It is easy to implement and simple language with simple syntax
  3. Best known for its control over code, you just have to put fewer lines of code and everything will be done
  4. Runs on every database like Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, and so on databases.
  5. It runs on several platforms like Linux, Windows, and more.
  6. PHP can be easily integrated with open-source technologies like Joomla, Typo3, osCommerce, Drupal, etc
  7. No need to buy high-end software and does not put any extra budget in your pocket

Choosing PHP developers that will provide you relief from the web management headache Saying this will not be wrong, there are talent pull of PHP Developers, who need to make the right choice.

Is It Good to Outsource PHP Web Development Services?

There are many options available to hire PHP developers you can hire PHP developers from various freelancing agencies, or you can hire PHP developers in-house. But among them, if you hire PHP developers from outsourcing agencies like UPSQODE – could provide you with more benefits and can save you some amount too. Even it is not a new trend now, it has been done for a long. The only difference is that earlier people used to migrate from one company to another, in order to hire developers. But now everything is done through the internet.

Benefits of Hiring PHP Developers from Outsourcing Agencies 

  1. Whether you choose a developer from a company or anywhere, you can find honest and dedicated PHP developers for your project
  2. Compare to other hiring models, hiring developers from outsourcing agencies can save a significant amount of time and money
  3. There is no issue of time zone, you can access your project 24/7 and also these agencies ensure you to build your web application within a time

Cost to hire PHP developers 

The cost to hire PHP developers can vary on their skills and expertise. You can hire the developer on an hourly basis or weekly basis, as pe your suitable requirement. Senior-level PHP developers can charge $80 k , mid-level can charge $40 k and junior-level PHP developers can charge $30k.Also the cost of php developers depends upon your project requirements as well as complexity.

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