How Much Does It Cost To Make An Android App?

The app development market is rapidly increasing. We can see a massive demand in android app users. 

If we take the data of any android users, there are about 130+ million users who are using android apps. This figure will keep on growing as new apps are developed in the market. 

Are you a business owner planning to develop an app but confused about the app development cost? You can approach an android application development company and discuss the cost to make an android app.

In this post, we will be discussing the android app development cost in 2022.

Android app development costs Based On Different Factors

1) Cost Based On App Types

The app development cost depends on the type of app you are developing. The app can be classified into three major categories.

i) Basic App:

These apps are developed for basic work functions. They have a simple design and don’t have any complex functionality.

If you want to make an app that can perform basic calculations, add or remove items, or do any simple task, you can go with this app. Developing these types of apps will cost you between $40,000-$1,00,000.

ii) Mid-Level App:

If you are a small business and need an app to manage things, you can go with a mid-level app. 

These apps can be developed using moderate UI/UX design moderate template with responsive buttons and icons. The app development cost of these apps comes between $1,00,000-$2,00,000.

iii) Complex App:

If you are managing a multinational company or big enterprise where you want an app that can perform much work. 

If this is the case, you can go with a complex app. These apps are designed using interactive UI/UX design, responsive templates, and various images. Developing these app types may cost you between $2,00,000-$3,00,000.

All these costs are estimated and may increase or decrease based on the function and features you have included. 

2) Cost Based On App Platform

It is crucial to choose the platform where your app will run. If you are a business leader, it becomes your responsibility to find your user’s popularity and usage. You can develop your app on both Android and iOS. 

Developing the app in Android version will cost you between $1,00,000-$2,00,000 and in iOS it will cost you between $2,00,000-$2,50,000. 

These figures are estimated costs, and they may increase or decrease based on the platform you have chosen. 

3) Cost Based On Developer’s Location 

Business leaders have freedom in choosing developers from any location. There are various developers across the globe. 

If you go with a US developer, they will charge you between $120-$170/hrs on Android apps and $150-$200/hrs on the iOS app. 

There can be a slight change in the cost as you go to some other locations. 

Choosing a developer from any location is also one of the cost-affecting factors in developing an android app.


If you are a business owner, you can avail android app development services and get your app developed. Hopefully, this blog has helped you in knowing the estimated cost of developing an android app.

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