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How Much Will it Cost to Develop an App Like Instagram?

Cost to Develop an App Like Instagram?

Having more than 1.452 billion active users, Instagram is the 4th prominently utilized social media app worldwide. 

It has evolved as the user’s preferred option for sharing photos effectively. Since its inception, Instagram has established a superior benchmark in the industry. 

Due to Instagram’s exponential growth and popularity, it is not only utilized for sharing pics but also used by enterprises for promoting their products and services. 

However, the most pertaining question in business leaders’ minds is how much it will cost to develop an app like Instagram.

The answer to the question relies on various cost-driving factors such as app design, the platform used, technology stack, etc. 

This blog will discuss these factors and the cost of building a similar app like Instagram. 

So, let’s dive in. 

Cost-Driving Factors To Developing An App Like Instagram 

1. App Design

The cost of building an app like Instagram can differ relying on the app’s design. A simple app design will cost less; however, if you want an intricate app design with additional features, it will cost you more. Moreover, it is imperative to consider UI/UX design as it will impact the user experience drastically. 

A well-designed application must be interactive and engaging to draw users’ attention. Thus, it is essential to maintain a balance between the app’s complexity and usability while developing an application. 

2. Platform

The cost could also differ relying on the platform on which it is created. For instance, making an application for iOS could cost more than building an Android application because of various tech specs and designing processes.

3. Mobile App Development Company Location

The mobile app development company location is one of the crucial cost-driving factors. Typically, you have to spend extra on outsourcing from developed nations because they have higher operating expenses like wages of employees, office rent, etc. 

Nevertheless, it is crucial to remember that the costs are not the sole factor to assess while selecting a social media app development company. You should consider the company’s ability to work efficiently and fulfill your requirements.

4. Technology Stack

The cost of developing the same app as Instagram relies on the different tech stack. It incorporates the following technologies such as: 

  • JavaScript and React.js is the tech stack required for backend and frontend development. 
  • App developers will use Swift or Kotlin for making Android apps and native applications for iOS.  
  • Google Maps is necessary for integrating geolocation.
  • For API documentation, Swagger is needed. 

To lower the overall development cost, we suggest creating a minimum viable product with essential features such as user registration, profile creation, newsfeed, and content uploading. You can add other functionalities, such as photo editing, filters, etc., afterward. 

5. MVP For Instagram

Creating an MVP can provide numerous advantages if you want to develop an app like Instagram. You could save tremendous costs on the development of the app. Moreover, you will get extra to measure which functionalities are liked or disliked by users. 

The Bottom Line

The mobile app development cost to develop an app like Instagram will range from $40000 to $60000. However, the price will depend on various factors which are discussed above. But, before taking the assistance of an app development company, you should check their portfolio, experience, reviews, and ratings.

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